Here’s what happens when product placement runs amok

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What do you get when you combine McDonald’s, a beloved movie character, an abundance of product placement, and put it on the big screen?

You get one of the worst movies ever made, and one of the worst incidents of product placement imaginable.

“MAC and Me” is a science-fiction comedy film from 1988 about an alien coming to earth and befriending a young boy. It’s considered one of the worst movies ever made and was a box-office and critical failure.

If you’ve seen this movie, you already know. If you haven’t, I’ll spare you the agony, but this is a look at the issue of commercial-driven content. “Mac and Me” is also one of the first instances of a blatantly sponsored movie with their combined partnership with Coke, and…

The truth behind the “world's best diet” that is rarely discussed

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Even though “dieting” has seven letters, we should consider it a four-letter word.

“Dieting” entails restriction and deprivation. This is not a healthy approach. The focus, instead, should be on a healthy eating lifestyle. This is more ideal when it comes to nutrition.

There are several healthy eating “lifestyles” out there, but you always see one stand out more than others: the Mediterranean Diet. The Mediterranean diet constantly ranks as the top “diet” and as the best approach to healthy eating.

But the Mediterranean diet is a bit deceptive. What makes it healthy is not necessarily limited to the food and the Mediterranean region. This will be a look at why you need to rethink the Mediterranean diet, and what the most important thing is to provide success. …

What key traits do resilient people have that you can adopt for yourself?

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Photo by Fionn Claydon on Unsplash

Why are some people better at handling adversity than others? What can you learn from them to develop your own resilience?

There are many other great attributes that make up a well-rounded person, but resiliency may be the most important. When life gets overwhelming, it’s the resilient person who doesn’t crumble and stands tall.

How can you develop more resilience in your life and work?

What Real Resilience Looks like

In a perfect world, everything would always go smoothly in your life and career. But we know that’s not realistic. …


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