How to be the worst tourists in Philly (but still have a great time)

The best way to beat the Boston February doldrums is to, well, leave. So, strapped with backpacks and duffle bags four of us flocked to our friend living in Philadelphia for the weekend. We were shiny and happy, with most of our attention focused on each other, Devon’s dog, and eating. Therefore, we made terrible tourists. Two of us (myself included) had never been to Philly before. We didn’t leave South Street. Anything historic was vehemently protested. Instead, we managed to drink in more places I thought possible, shop at everywhere from an anarchist bookstore to thrift shop, and get Big Gay Ice Cream without facing the New York lines. The closest I got to a tourist trap was passing by the Magic Gardens and Jim’s. I have no sense of the city, and I couldn’t be happier.

The capital. It was hurriedly pointed out to me on the way to a place that had great nachos.
Taking in some of the street art.
Luckily, everyone decided it was an appropriate day to model our fashionable sneakers so we got to walk everywhere.
Shopping on South Street. We found the cheapest fleeces at this cute little store.
We stopped at Jim’s Steaks for a late afternoon snack. I was brave and tried steak and Whiz, even though it freaked me out.
On our way to Brahaus Schmitz (the cute blue building , not the Dominos) a German restaurant and beer hall with three “Best Of”s from Philadelphia Magazine. I recommend the “light wheat beer” (I’m not even going to try and write the German name) and a soft pretzel.
Thrift shopping at Philadelphia AIDS Thrift Store, a huge three story thrift store which raises money to local charities fighting HIV/AIDS.
Feeling a bit reflective while thrifting.
Is there anything better than a place that is actually retro, not trying to be retro? Pep Bowl in South Philly is BYOB and seems stuck in time.
This photo is pretty much sums up my time in Philly: Looks pretty. Seems like it could be historic. I don’t really care either way.