Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces Full Moon

September 6, 2017

Greetings Goddesses!

Our beautiful Moon is technically full tonight at 12.03am, but the sight of it rising over the smokey horizon last night was awe inspiring! It also lit a bit of a fire under my butt as I realized, once again, that the wheel had turned farther than I realized and it was time to sit down and beckon inspiration to come forth once more.

Matter tends towards entropy even as spirit tends evolves towards complexity. As our bodies and the world around us breaks slowly down to it’s component parts, that which enspirits us sends us towards the lessons that we need to attain the next higher levels of illumination. This difference in destiny between matter and spirit is represented with this month’s Sun/Moon conjunction. The Moon is full in Pisces, representing the highest evolution of spirit, while the Sun is in Virgo — representing the body. The Sun calls us to tend our bodies, clean our homes, de-clutter our social calendar… while the Moon calls us to deep, pensive meditation. In that sliver of space that is shared between these two forces is where we will do our most potent work this month.

The Moon is full in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces has been through it all, carrying within her all the lessons and signs of the other signs. Pisces is mutable water — bringing powers of transformation through emotion and visioning for the future. The darker side of Pisces can bring substantial self-deceit, illusion, nightmares and lies. What have you learned in your journey? Is it wisdom that brings you closer to the source of all life? Or did you only learn coping mechanisms that dull and deflect life’s harsher lessons? Either way the light of this full moon will illuminate and enhance your soul’s larger journey.

Does anyone feel that delicious sense of forward movement that comes with Mercury going direct? Yesterday Mercury righted it’s course in the sign of Leo. This brings a sense of humor and a flair for the dramatic to our communications.

We also have Venus in Leo, bringing an entertaining quality into our love lives. You might find roleplaying to be particularly fun right now, in bed or not. Putting on the mask of another can give us great insight into ourselves.

Mars is in Virgo — giving our physical prowess a boost. But beware the tendency towards explosive anger. Mars is the sign of the warrior, and is thus concerned with boundaries and slights. Use this hyper-awareness to keep yourself safe, as well as those around you.

The wheel turns and soon it will be the Fall Equinox, a balance point right before the dark time of the year. As we go into the darkness it is imperative that we have an engaging vision of the future to bring us through. What seeds will you plant in the darkness of your mind? What will you choose to nurture and grow in your life with the incubating powers of winter? Take a few moments this full moon to ponder where to best put your energy.

May the heavens bless you in your journeys this month!


Hps Regan

I am also performing music and giving a talk tomorrow at the World Healing Mediation at “The Onion” in West Hills. Please come and join if you feel inspired!


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