New Moon in Libra

This month our New Moon is in Libra. We also have the Sun in Libra so we get a nice double dose of Venusian goodness. Venus is the ruler of relationships, love, beauty, empathy and creativity. It is this lusciousness that gives our current cycle luster.

The New Moon happens when the Sun, Moon and Earth are positioned in such a way as to block the Sun’s light reflecting off the moon. This happens at exactly 12.12pm on Thursday October 19th. For one night the night sky is as dark as it will get, stars shining unimpeded. In this fertile blackness we plant our seeds, setting off all that we wish to grow over the next cycle. As the moon’s light waxes so will our seeds, growing to fruition.

Libra is a sign of making, fueled by fresh ideas and a daring sense of aesthetics. Libra is a softened heart merging with the beauty that surrounds it. As we “enter the cave” of the New Moon we do so with this golden flame within our hearts, stoking our creative fire.

The Sun and Moon are both opposed Uranus in Aries, bringing in a strident energy good for shaking things up. A fiery drive to push us out of our usual path and into realms unknown to us.

A few hours after it’s conjunction with the Sun the Moon goes into Scorpio and is conjunct Jupiter, planet of expansion. Scorpio elicits transformation, affecting the changes that are happening by bringing an awareness of the shadow. Paired with the beauties of Venus it’s easy to take a moment and allow the depth of our fear of annihilation sink in. This fear, which suggests to us that we don’t have forever on this beautiful planet foments the kind of actions needed to avoid future regret.

The Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury are all in the 10th house — the house of your public face. Vocation and one’s place in society are the focus of this energy, bringing our mind to how we will be perceived by others. We may take unusual pleasure in our job, finding immense satisfaction in the expression of our calling.

Chiron is in Pisces in the third house, the house of communication and learning. Tools for healing our oldest wounds will come out of deep dreamlike states. We may have an enhanced ability to communicate, or to be open to learning new things, and to transforming ourselves through healing.

Venus and Mars are both in the 9th house — the search for meaning and one’s world view. Both our romantic instincts and our fighting urge are wrapped up in importance right now. We will benefit greatly from reflecting on how our need for connection and conflict relate to our world view.

It is a time of transformation, aided by the beauty of Libra and the awareness of Scorpio. Our relationship to creativity, to death and to our calling in life are major factors in play right now. Ask yourself where these energies are guiding you. Be open to the changes than are happening. Everything will go easier of you are nimble and responsive to the changes that are coming.

Thank you for joining me for a few moments honoring the sacred in this cycle. I hope this New Moon gives you fertile ground to sow your seeds and nurture your future. Let your heart be healed in this darkness so it may return in full brilliance with the return of the full moon in two weeks.

I recorded a New Moon harp meditation on these themes that you can check out here:

Bright Blessings

from your hps Regan