Tesla, known for its brilliant innovations, hints that their line of fully autonomous cars will be here sooner than we think.

“Autonomy is going to come a hell of a lot faster than anyone thinks it will, and I think what we’ve got under development is going to blow people’s minds. It blows my mind,” Elon Musk stated during a regular company conference call on August 3rd when asked about Tesla’s timeline for self-driving cars.

Tesla’s CEO is also noted to have said last September that the autonomous cars would likely be ready by 2018. Maybe Tesla is going to deliver on these promises?

It is important to keep in mind that just because the technology will roll out soon, doesn’t mean that the legislation will. Jurisdictions have been slow to enact laws concerning fully self-driving cars, so the fully autonomous Teslas will likely roll out in phases based on where they are legally allowed to be sold and driven.

Tech Insider reports that:

Last month, Musk shared the second part of Tesla’s master plan, which entails a strong focus on autonomy.
In the near-term, the company aims to make Autopilot, its semi-autonomous system, 10 times safer than the average US vehicle. But once regulators have laws in place that govern self-driving cars across the country, Tesla plans to roll out an autonomous car-sharing service as well.
The concept is simple: Tesla owners will be able to add their car to a shared fleet of Tesla vehicles whenever they want so that they can make money off their vehicle.
Major automakers and tech companies — including Google, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and reportedly Apple — are all currently working on autonomous driving technology. However, like Tesla, many car makers are first rolling out Autopilot-like functions into their newer cars, which enable the vehicle to do things like autonomously drive on the highway and self-park.

For those waiting for those self-driving cars, the wait might not be as long as you thought.