Trump Had More Than Twice As Many Rallies Than Clinton So Far In August

Donald Trump has proven that there are no off days for those running for President. As of August 14th, he has held 19 rallies — only taking two days off — whereas Hillary Clinton has only held 8.

The above graph, compiled by TheGatewayPundit, shows just how much of a difference there is between Hillary and Donald’s rallies. While Hillary’s 8 events had an average of 1,531 at each, Donald Trump’s had 5 times as many. And roughly 10x more people in total are going to the Republican events versus the Democratic events.

TheGatewayPundit reports that:

Trump’s largest event was in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, where it was estimated that the massive crowd there to see him was near 20,000. The largest crowd Clinton spoke at was in Washington, DC but this was a NABJ/NAHJ Event which had an estimated 4,000 in attendance. Hillary’s largest event held by her campaign in August was back on August 1st in Omaha, NE when businessman Warren Buffett joined her and an estimated 3,000 locals. In total when looking at just the Clinton campaign events, barely 8,000 people showed up to the seven campaign events since August 1st.

This is a problem that the mainstream media has refused to cover — why is Hillary taking so many days off from the campaign trail? Why is nobody showing up to her events? She took a whole weekend off and it is not being reported — if Trump were to do the same, he would be severely bashed.