Does X-ray Do Any Harm to You? Know the Side Effects of X-ray on Human Body

All of you know when you need x-ray. To check any fractures or cracks or any other problems inside your body, x-ray is done. No matter how helpful the process is, the radiation creates some serious side effects on your body. The hospitals and diagnosis centers are getting updated digital x ray machine, but the problems remain same. There are many people who go for x-ray after having any strain or pain at muscles or joints, without consulting physician. This practice is not good and only harms your body. How? Have a look-

  1. Children at mother’s womb are highly at risk of x-ray radiation. They have chances of having cancer up to 40%, while the statistics of suffering from leukemia of such kids are up to 70%. They also are at greater risk of having tumors in nervous system.

2. Thyroid gland is responsible for good metabolism and it is highly sensitive from any radiation. Therefore, excessive radiation can damage thyroid glands and lead to cancer. Always ask for thyroid collar when going for x-ray around the area of your head, neck or collarbone.

3. It is said that exposures to X Ray Machine can cause cancer to your thyroid gland.

4. There are several medical reports which have shown that exposure to x-rays at the lower abdominal area can cause genetic damage which can also be hereditary.

5. Such genetic diseases may be linked with troubles like high BP, diabetes, coronary heart diseases, cataracts and strokes.

6. Repeated x-ray without doctor’s prescription means the increased chance of myeloma. Do you know what it is? It is a form of bone marrow cancer which is life threatening.

The news of x-ray related problems always come from every country of the world. To prevent such seriousness, some major steps should be taken. The first and foremost way to prevent diseases from x-radiation is to stop self-diagnosis. Many people hail problems only by these. Never play doctor and consult physician at once when you face any problems where you think x-ray is needed. You can also take a second opinion if you think x-ray is not needed. There are several physicians who are concern enough for patients and try to look for other ways to cure the patient.

Another important reason of x-ray related problems is the old x ray machine. The older machines radiates 20–30 times higher than the new machines. There are lots of hospitals where this kind of old machines are still in use. It is true that advanced x ray machine price is quite high, but the advanced digital x-ray machine is the only solution for staying away from such problems. So, you have to be very cautious to make sure that the hospital where you are going to get the x-ray done is using advanced Digital X Ray Machine only.