Bloomsbury: A Place of Multiculturalism and Mindfulness

Relaxation is the release of rummaging about the past and/or worrying about the future that is being mindful — living at the present moment in order to decrease the stress levels affecting a person’s psychological and physiological well-being. As a form of meditation, mindfulness starts by simply paying more attention to the intricacies of one’s surrounding.

Unwind Through Mindfulness

Use your eyes to see the contrasting light brown and dark charcoal hues of bricks composing the residential places while walking to the gray pavements on aisle of the Grower Street. Hear the screeching sound of cab tires as they pass by.

Besides de-stressing through observation, one can stroll to nearby shops like grabbing a cup of hot coffee at Dillons or reading bestselling and academic books at Waterstones. Bed and breakfast in Gower Street are very rampant inasmuch that the whole block situated between Torrington Plaza and Chenies Street is dedicated for hotel accommodations.

Mindfulness allows a person to have an active participation to life, observing thought processes without having a verdict of whether it is good or bad. Indeed, a place like Bloomsbury is a right place where a person can live in the moment.

Soho: A Mosaic Place of London

Situated in Oxford and Regent Street is Soho- a microcosm of an oikumene- where people of various cultures and ethnicity thrive together along with different residential and recreational sites. Hotels near Soho London offer transitory places to stay by in order to experience the shared way of life of the place — a lifestyle that is not only intrinsic to one’s aboriginal country but also allows an embrace of unity amidst diversity and stratification.

The diversity of Soho is evident from shopping centers, theatre halls, nightclub bars, restaurants, and transient hotels and hostels scattered. From the bed and breakfast in Gower Street to the hotels near Soho London, Bloomsbury offers a place where one can have an escapade as means of coping from stress and instead introspect while enjoying the varieties of customs, norms, and traditions reflected not only by the people around but also the establishments speaking for themselves.