Bloomsbury: Where Two Worlds Collide

It is no surprise for a cosmopolitan place like London to cater varieties. The place is a fusion of striking contrasts especially with regards to the clash of eastern and western traditions. Although Bloomsbury is from the west, it still embraces these two differences without protagonizing and antagonizing as it opens the horizon regardless of ethnicities.

Eastern Options

Asian-themed cuisines and stores are very rampant all throughout London. Six minutes cab ride from Covent Garden station (or 15 minutes if coming from hotels Gower Street London), one will reach the Piccadilly Circus where Japan Centre is located, a store supplying products ranging from authentic food items and beverages to manga (Japanese comics) and homewares.

London in its entirety is a place for all cultures and traditions, opening its doors to eastern heritage like Japan. For more information about restaurants, musical plays, nightlife bars, museums, malls, and recreational sites near hotels in Covent Garden London.

Western Options

Around 8 minutes cab ride via Tottenham Court Road (A400), 12 minutes tube ride from Leicester Square Station near from hotels Gower Street London, or 18 minutes of walk via A400, one will reach the place of merging old and contemporary times beneath Bloomsbury — the Covent Garden.

In medieval times this town considered as a heart of Anglo-Saxon trading. Until now the place is a remarkable center of entertainment, shopping and theatrical plays.

Geographic-wise, Covent Garden is a central place of neighboring areas in London. Bloomsbury is located in north, Strand in south, Lincoln’s Inn Field in west, and Leicester Square in east. With this, there are rampant hotels in Covent Garden London to accommodate tourists.

Culture as cumulative and relative

Bloomsbury is a civilization by itself just like any areas in the world. Culture is the building blocks of civilization. Indeed, culture and civilization are not contradictory and instead collaborative to each other.

Culture accumulates as it progress since it provides a synthesis from small to big just as how each details and sequins are important in the overall gestalt of a carpet. Meanwhile, culture is relative as it exhibits uniqueness based on the need of the locality and historical circumstance.

Overall, culture must be viewed from a dual lens perspective and appreciate both of their similarities and differences. The cosmopolitan areas of London will let you discover these things.