London’s Hotels Are Flourishing

What does make one want to travel to a particular city? International visitors, who are looking forward to see beautiful destinations and to satiate cultural curiosities, will always find reasons to explore the life and history in the greatest cities of the world. While the City of Lights and the City That Never Sleeps each have a share of patronizing travelers, the City of London still remains to be one of the favorite vacation places for every globe-trotter.

Recent data is showing London’s hotel rooms to have boomed to around 149,000 compared to 129,000 only three years ago. The future is even brighter with the expected growth rate to reach 20% in the next two years. London’s short-term lodgings will be finding a dweller that is bound to experience the traditions, sights, the nightclubs and the delicacies that this city has in store.

Out of the many foreign visitors that London is anticipating, the big bulk of the patrons are business travellers; and these hardworking fellows are demanding the luxury and comfort that hotel rooms can provide. In order to fulfill business needs, one would rely primarily on good location. Regency House Hotel London offers this convenience. Not all hotels near Oxford Street would give its resident the same warmth and exceptional service that the Regency House Hotel London has proven over the years.

One can hardly find a hotel room that is quiet and yet, excellently located near the shopping areas (Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street), the rail stations (St. Pancras, Euston, Kings Cross), the business district and areas for leisure such as theaters and parks. Everything one would need is available at arm’s length. Amidst a vibrant and busy city, this hotel is the choice out of the many hotels near Oxford Street that will give value to one’s money.

Commence the London trip with the perfect choice of hotel that will accommodate the needs of a short stay; and everything else will simply fall into place. However busy one might get, there’s no reason to miss out on the fun if the shopping centers, restaurants and pubs are only at a walking distance. Just make sure to have all the travelling essentials to fit well into London’s weather, its streets, as well as the nightlife.

For a quick guide on a trip to London, prepare clothes that will match the time of year. With the temperature that can go from 43F to 70F from one season to another, a set of wardrobe that suits the weather would give one the relief of having to go shopping for new clothes. Restrain from carrying much more luggage than what is warranted from a short stay. Keep it at a reasonable quantity and weight. Pack valuable papers separately from toiletries and clothes. Carry along extra batteries, another memory for the camera, maps and other stuff needed to satisfy the requisites of an exploration.

London’s short-term or vacation rental industry is showing a lot of promise. As it prepares to meet the rental demand that is very likely to deluge soon, the flourishing hotels will give one a reason to give travelling to this city a chance. There’s no better time than today to schedule a trip and experience the city’s finest.

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