Royal Sites near Hotels in Bloomsbury London You Need to See

If you are travelling to London, your ‘must see’ list would not be complete without visiting the sites where the royalties once lived. Why not? It gives everyone the air of royalty and sense of regality just by being inside these majestic sites.

Before ending your trip, make sure to visit these royal sites near the hotels in Bloomsbury London. Who knows, you may even meet the revered royal families while exploring their stunning homes.

Eltham Palace

Travel back in the 1930s as you gaze at the magnificent structure of this Art Deco mansion and part medieval royal palace.

Experience the lives of royalties through the stunning interior of the Eltham Palace, where Henry VIII spent his childhood days until it fell into a poor shape.

Thanks to the English Heritage, the Great Hall was restored and visitors can now enjoy its attractions, including London’s oldest bridge over the moat, a sunken rose garden and the remnants of Henry VIII’s hunting park.

Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster, or more commonly known as Houses of Parliament today, has been a royal residence since 1042. It was built around 1087–1100 and was the home of royalties such as Edward the Confessor and Henry VIII.

This royal palace has suffered from fire in 1512 and 1834, losing everything except the Westminster Hall and the Jewel Tower. However, Sir Charles Barry redeveloped the site and built the famous landmark Clock Tower, which houses the Big Ben today.

Now, the public can watch the Prime Minister’s Questions in the Houses of Parliament and see the remains of the original moat and medieval quay King Edward III had used to store his treasures and wardrobes in the Jewel Tower.

While at it, you may also drop by at the Westminster Abbey, located at the west of Palace Westminster. It served as the place for royal coronations and burial sites since 1066.

Kensington Palace

Discover the lives of influential women of royalties in Kensington Palace.

A former private country house, the Kensington Palace is the birthplace of Queen Victoria and the home of Princess Diana. Now, the palace serves as the home for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and a famous tourist site.

The Kensington Palace is now a popular site among tourists, offering various attractions such as the Victoria Revealed, an exhibition about the life and reign of Queen Victoria. Visitors may also drop by at the 18th century Orangery and Sunken Garden built during Queen Anne’s reign.

In addition, the palace also has the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, displaying the glamorous outfits worn by Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana of Wales.

Buckingham Palace

Your stay in London won’t be complete without visiting the England’s most famous royal palace, the Buckingham Palace.

The Buckingham Palace is Queen Elizabeth II’s official residence which houses 19 stunning State Rooms used by the Royal Family in receiving guests during ceremonial occasions.

First acquired by King George III for his wife Queen Charlotte, this magnificent palace is now open for the public every summer. Drop by from your hotels near Soho and admire the Royal Collection received by the Queen as a gift including paintings from Canaletto, Poussin, Rembrandt, Rubens and Vermeer. You can also witness the popular Changing of the Guards ceremony during your visit.

Tower of London

Stay in Hotels near Bloomsbury London and explore this former palace, prison, fortress, armory, menagerie and execution site as you discover the history behind the Tower of London.

Considered as one of the most popular structures in the world, the Tower of London is flocked by tourists who wish to witness exhibitions and reenactments of the glorious and gruesome past, such as the execution of royalties like Queen Anne Boleyn and Sir Walter Raleigh.

Meanwhile, despite the tortures and deaths that occurred in this site, it is still popular among visitors with attractions, such as the Royal Beasts and the precious Crown Jewels.

These royal sites have contributed to the long and rich history of London. Paying these sites a visit is a great way to enrich your knowledge about the country’s culture and immerse yourself to their unique traditions.