The Coolest Reasons to Visit Soho and Bloomsbury London

London is home to a rich mix of diverse places and locations that will entice and satisfy any discerning traveler. Take, for example, Bloomsbury and Soho, both ideally located in Central London and brimming with activities every day. A walk through Bloomsbury will take you back to another time. Located between Holborn and Euston Road, the area was said to be developed into a fashionable residential zone in the 17th to 18th century by the wealthy Russell family. Bloomsbury’s name is affiliated with prestigious organizations, such as Bloomsbury Group and Bloomsbury Publishers.

Dubbed as the London’s intellectual and literary capital, it is home to some of the oldest and most prominent schools and colleges in the entire United Kingdom, namely, the University of London, world-leading research center and postgraduate studies institution London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. RADA or the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, one of the most respected theatres and performing arts schools in the country can also be found in the Bloomsbury site.

The British Museum, which houses more than 7 million historical artifacts, is another remarkable place to see. The Bloomsbury Festival is held sometime in the middle of October to celebrate the cultural and creative achievements of London’s intellectual capital. The festival gives the local community the chance to come together and celebrate yearly.

Book one of the hotels in Bloomsbury London area to enjoy the sights and festivities. There are many hotels in Bloomsbury London but the best option is one conveniently located in the heart of Bloomsbury, like the Regency House Hotel, an affordable yet stylish Georgian town house.

Originally a residential area for aristocrats and wealthy families until the 1800s, the Soho district is one of the most exciting destination hubs in Central London. It is a fun place for delicious cuisine, live entertainment and vibrant nightlife. Known for its risqué vibe, Soho is a great location for clubbing and even discovering secret bars. It also plays host to the Pride in London yearly celebration.

A popular night out destination, whether fancying a pint of ale, a cocktail or maybe late night meal and desserts, head out to Fanelli Café, The Crosby Bar, Pegu Club or the Ear Inn. Before drinking and partying the night away, be sure to book a room in one of the many hotels near Soho. Having a guaranteed place to rest in a hotel, which is close to the Soho vicinity ensures you are a stone’s throw away from the destinations and attractions.

Booking at the Regency House Hotel gives the best access to shopping, dining and entertainment at Soho while also enjoying the comforts of a luxurious yet affordable stay.

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