When in London: Relive the Past, Visit Popular Military Museums

The city of London not only offers beautiful tourist spots but great areas for picnics, relaxation and museum viewing as well.

Bloomsbury is a famous area in the London Borough of Camden known for its garden squares, literary history and its various cultural, educational and health care institutions. So, if you book a stay at any of the hotels in Bloomsbury London then you will be at luck.

While London has many different types of museums which cater to the arts, natural history, anthropology, and others, guests should consider visiting some of London’s famous military museums. These museums offer a deeper insight into the war history of London, as they showcase old weapons as well as famous locations for important battles.

Imperial War Museum has an impressive display of old weapons and artifacts which range from the times of World War I until the present times. It also features paintings, pictures, videos, letters, personal memorabilia of soldiers and other military related items. The museum is open from 10am until 6pm everyday and admission is free.

Royal Artillery Museum presents a fascinating collection of weapons which may interest gun enthusiasts and history lovers. Guests get to know interesting tales about the Royal Artillery which was established during the time of the Tudors. Video presentations are provided so that guests would have an idea of how battles were won back in the day.

The Tower of London, which was built by William the Conqueror to symbolize Norman victory against the enemies in England. This 900-year-old tower was a former royal residence, a prison, a home to the Crown Jewels, and even a prison. The fierce Beefeaters serve as Yeomen of the Guard. They also serve as tourist guides to help guests understand the place while they visit the different areas of the tower. Guests can also visit the Fusilier Museum while in the tower, which has a huge display of uniforms and weapons from the war. Also on display are Victoria Cross medals.

The Churchill War Rooms is the place where Winston Churchill stay during the dark days of World War II. Guests can check out the Cabinet War rooms where Churchill spent planning for the war and the small bedroom where he slept.

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