Boma Launches to Unite Communities Focused on Ethical Leadership and Action


A pdf of this release with press contacts can be found here

  • Boma’s cofounder and CEO, Lara Stein, created the TEDx program at TED and went on to lead global expansion for Singularity University. In her latest endeavor, she is working to unite communities and move us to an era of positive, tangible action.
  • Stein is joined by Boma cofounders Kaila Colbin, Michel Levy-Provencal, and Stephan Balzer, who are already creating events and action initiatives in their local countries.

New York, New York — We are facing increasing economic inequality, massive disinformation campaigns, and perilous changes to Earth’s climate and ecosystems. For too long, we have moved too fast and broken the wrong things. Our planet can no longer sustain the rate of failure required to achieve successful outcomes.

That’s why Lara Stein, the Founder of TEDx and TED Prize and former Managing Director of Singularity University’s global expansion, recently joined with Kaila Colbin, Michel Levy-Provencal, and Stephan Balzer to launch Boma — a community of entrepreneurs, researchers, social activists, youth leaders, business leaders, and venture capitalists who are focused on ethical leadership, moving fast, and fixing things.

“As the planet nears a tipping point, we are joining forces to engender an era wherein 10 billion people can inhabit this tiny blue rock sustainably and peacefully. It’s no secret that what we’re doing at the highest levels of leadership is not working,” Stein said. To confront the challenges we face, we are going to need a network that extends across communities that is committed to ethical leadership and positive change.

Yet, Stein notes that Boma is about far more than establishing a network that’s invested in discussing how to move beyond the bottom line. It is about taking action now to secure meaningful long-term change.

Democracy is in a state of crisis. The rainforests are burning. Catastrophic weather events and preventable diseases are devastating millions. 26 people own as much as the poorest 3.8 billion combined. Business as usual is no longer an option. We need intelligent and inclusive dialogues that lead to actionable planning sessions and, most crucially, appreciable outcomes.

This will take a lot of work and require new and innovative systems. “It’s no longer about building more seats at the table. We need an entirely new table. We need global frameworks that protect our oceans and finite natural resources, allocate financial and technical resources more equitably, and elevate the most vulnerable among us to overcome preventable diseases and disasters. And critically, we need to act and start implementing these frameworks now,” Stein said.

To accomplish this, Boma’s approach to progress is centered on results-oriented gatherings: workshops, conferences, community initiatives, executive programs, international summits, corporate trainings, and more. In addition to meaningful and inclusive dialogues, these gatherings feature impact reports, white papers, follow-up meetings, and action initiatives formulated to sustain change at the local, regional, and national and international levels.

The roots of the word “Boma” date back to Africa — the cradle of humankind — and lie in the languages spoken in the African Great Lakes. The Boma was a circular enclosure for the community and elders to gather, normally built out of branches. It was a sacred space for community gatherings and meaningful discussions to be had, a space where decisions were made and actions were taken.

By leveraging Stein’s deep global network, Boma has already forged diverse partnerships and established branches in Brazil, China, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, and Poland. And Boma has the right cofounders for the journey: Kaila Colbin (who ran TEDxChristchurch and brought Singularity University to New Zealand and Australia), Michel Levy-Provencal (who ran TEDxParis and created L’Echappee Volee), and Stephan Balzer (who ran TEDxBerlin and brought Singularity University to Germany). Together, the founders have over 50 years’ experience creating massive global communities and world-class events.



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