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Another dagger in the heart of Football.

32 Team Champions League made the group stage irrelevant. Instead of competetitive games we get Barca 7 — Borisov 0, Real 9 — Malmö 0 and Bayern 5 — Rostov 0.

24 Team Euro has made Qualifiers AND the Euro Group Stage obsolete and unwatchable. Don’t act like Germany, Spain or Italy will EVER finish last in THOSE Euro groups.

Now they add 12 crap teams to the WC, even though the WC’s since 1998 had pleeeeeenty of uncompetetive nations in it already.

To those who say “Who cares, you’ll watch anyways”:
Have you really watched Albania-Romania in 2016?

Who has seen Japan — Greece 0:0 at Brazil 2014?

And how many people have watched Club Brügge vs. FC Kopenhagen in this year’s UCL?

Sorry, but this is a losing game FIFA and UEFA are playing. The term “Euro, UCL, WC match” does not indicate “high quality sporting event” anymore.
And small time nations, who not get the recognition they deserve. Bulgaria 1994, Croatia 1998 or Turkey in 2002 have shown that anything is possible against tough competetition. Now think about Wales and Island in 2016, we ‘ll never know how those teams would have done in a “real” Euro.
Unlinke Greece in 2004 and Denmark in 1992, Wales and Island’s 2016 success doesn’t mean anything.

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