On A Twitter Break

A few days ago on Twitter, I announced that I would be accepting a role on the strategic operations team at JUMP Bikes. Since graduating from Wharton last May, I’ve been working on SUSHI with my team and a few other ideas on my own as well. In surrender to my youth and other forces I thought it would be a good experience to sit and learn at a startup doing very meaningful work.

Upon signing with JUMP I thought it would be a good time to take a Twitter break. Disconnect from my constant broadcasting of manic thoughts and information waves. Take my week before work to reflect, write, read, all those things that constitute living. I was a bit surprised to see how tied to Twitter I am. I find myself opening my phone out of habit. And remembering I no longer have Twitter to check.

This first Medium post will actually be a short collection of thoughts. Not tied together. But they may turn into longer Medium pieces during my time off of Twitter. Basically, they are a series of things I may have tweeted but not have to structure into a Medium post :p

Thoughts Take 1

Does Uber selling its Chinese, Russian, and SouthEast Asia businesses demonstrate a dwindling American force in the global capitalist game?

Would Instagram be more like Twitter if it wasn’t acquired by Facebook?

The collapse of all things is the result of a collapse of the internal spirit. The collapse of the spirit is the lost of identity and purpose.

There is a distinct relationship and distance that forms when your parents were tasked with the duty of survival and climbing; and you are tasked with the duty of selfishness, self-actualization, and generational security.

To be born naturally ambitious is the highest curse of all. But be careful not to conflate holding many wants as a sense of ambition. True ambition is not based in material benefit of labor, but in crafting a new sense of hope of what man can achieve.

We are living in a wave similar to that of the 60’s. Our mix of technology, drugs, politics, protest, scandal, exploration, division, music & art, fracturing of cultures, the list goes on.

Diversity needs to stop being viewed as a charity mission. It is immoral to hold such views and shows the depravity of that position. The tech industry will continue to make this mistake and my most cynical side deeply believes there will never be racial equality in any industry with the ability to generate significant levels of wealth.

How much do we trust instead of know? And how often do we confuse one for the other?

The reason VC has become uninspired is because we have lost the ideals of standing on one’s own reason. And instead, resort to elbowing over the same deals. There should never (at least rarely) be fights for a seed round. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that a group of people that all look alike and went to the same schools all arrive at the same conclusion as contrarians.

The nucleus of one’s spirit is what informs and guides all parts of one’s life.

Technologists do not read enough fiction nor poetry. They have lost the art of what it is to craft something from nothing. And society as a whole has suffered because of this.

The trick to building product isn’t how it will continually benefit from network effects. But how it stands equally useful to an isolated first user.

We need to actively weed out false narratives in the startup ecosystem.

How long are we going to keep up this belief of meritocracy while we select mediocre young people for the sake of building a story. Another example of constructing a “clout Ponzi scheme”

Voice based operating systems will start to blend our work systems and personal computing into one.

The combination of automated vehicles and dockless electric shared bikes/scooters will transform our cityscapes beyond belief over the next 5 to 10 years. But government will have to play a major role in working with these solutions.

Minimalism is easy to digest. And Silicon Valley has pushed this same aesthetic across the world. It’s tired, but people are afraid to climb to what is next.

One of the main reasons I want to build a company, is for the sake a building a new kind of way to do business. Culture is stale at every company I visit.

These were all rough takes / first drafts. Hope something sparked your interest. As always feel free to reach out and discuss. Share what you think would make a good full length Medium piece!