An Open Letter to Dr. Mensa Otabil

Dear Pastor Mensa Otabil,

Greetings and peace from our LORD Jesus Christ to you.

It has actually taken me quite a while to express these thoughtful feelings.

I write you this letter with much hesitancy. My heart is warming with the feeling to reach out to you, whiles my mind is frowning with the idea that you already have it all figured out.

But I will go with the former, because I have read about how a donkey got it right where a great diviner failed(Balaam). Where a direction and counsel from a young maiden led to the healing of an Army Commander(Naaman). Not forgetting a moment in biblical history also, that a servant's advice to his master brought him clarity of direction and alignment with a divine purpose(King Saul).

You have proven beyond all doubts that you are truly an anointed teacher of the Word of God ever to grace the land of our birth Ghana. Because at present, I don't see any other teaching ministry in Ghana that has broken through like you have, especially in these times when the prophetics have taken over the day. And you have stood the tests of time.

As a Man of God, permit me to remind you that: your first nature is the "Man" nature, which is prone to challenges, weaknesses, faults, struggles, mistakes and errors. Your other "of God" nature is the grace that says that despite all your weaknesses, God still accepts and appreciates you for fulfilling a divine purpose. That nature is not yours but The Lord's which He has conferred on you.

Therefore, it is no breaking news that as a man existing in a social context, you are encountering challenges. It does not reduce the anointing of God on your life. I am in no way judging you by public opinion but we all fall short in our everyday walk with God. Being a man of God does not make you a righteous hero nor a pious saint.

The men of God in Bible days experienced same, some where even worse than yours; Moses(God's first penpal), David(who made God blush with love),the Legendary Solomon (who restricted God to be complaining without taking drastic actions), The G.O.A.T(greatest of all time) Sampson, who was heavily slayed by the real Slay queen; "Lady D"(Delilah) ,...the list goes on, not forgetting the trusted treasurer/ financial manager of J.C.I.(Jesus Christ Incorporated), Judas Iscariot.

Ah, the mention of Judas, financial manager on the board of JCI brings me to what you have encountered now...Yours may however be a different narration but it does not take anything away from you.

Sometimes men of God get carried away thinking they are beyond reproach. Some of these things come our way so we will be reminded that, we're human, sinners saved by grace and called into ministry.

I know some are asking, what about all those who have been affected by this scandal and have lost that means of employment?And I asked, what about those who lost means of employment when Jesus resurrected and went to heaven? I am not being mean here. Because I have also had my share of investments gone bad, and I'm still struggling to recover. But it could have been worse, more than what is being played out.

The laws are working. It is definitely not a hopeless situation. Everyday is a reminder, that it is not a hopeless climax. Society has every right to express pain and take corrective measures. I agree with society.

But I choose to be a brother to two parties. I play the violin of life. I stand in prayer that all affected would find strength to navigate the tunes of life by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And I also stand resolutely, holding firm to God on behalf of the various executives, most especially Dr. Mensa Otabil and other notable men of God.

We should strive to bear each other up as one big family of Jehovah. When family members encounter challenges internally, there would be bickerings but we need to demonstrate solidarity in building each other up. We fall but rise together. Let brotherly love continue.

I would advise that you hide yourselves under the shadow of the Almighty until this storm passes by. Let God handle it, speak only when you are required but leave it to the greatest PR Manager and Damage Eliminator, Dr. Jesus Christ to handle.

I am standing and praying with you that, the faithfulness of Jehovah will abide with you strongly.

I know God will come through for you. Every storm naturally rises and subsides but if it persists, I see the Greatest Storm Killer rising and saying; "Peace! Be Still."

Much love, respect and prayers to you all.

By Reggie Jotham