Are We Really Preaching Prosperity?

Money is needed for Kingdom business

Social media is having mixed reactions towards perceived “crazy amounts’ of offerings being done by a local church with international branches. I want to use that as a case study to talk about our attitude towards offering and seed sowing in our various churches.

I do this while admitting my human limitations as well.

This generation of Christians have been the most controversial and the most pathetic of religions in this our dispensation. I decided to do some analysis of offerings done of old in present quotations…

The offering of Noah that caused God to forgive mankind and establish trans-generational blessings, which we are still enjoying till date was in excess of billions of dollars. Based on a statistic number of 400 billion beasts and birds. Gen. 8:20–22

Abram’s first offering to Melchizedek is well over billions of dollars too. Gen. 13:2, 14:20 This also caused Abraham to have more than a divine encounter and trans-generational prophecies. In Gen. 20:15, The seed King Abimelech sowed in the life of the prophet, Abraham is worth more than $1,000,000 and it caused an extraordinary breakthrough and revocation of curses in his household to the extent that even the beasts in his palace also had their breakthrough.

In Genesis 32:14- 15, the peace offering gift Jacob forcefully presented to his troublesome brother is over $900,000.

When it got to the turn of King David, he said he will not offer to God a sacrifice that has no cost. He yearned to give a mind blowing offering. 2Sam. 24:24. For the 6 kilometer route-march from Obed-Edom to the City of David, King David made sacrifices with an ox, after every 6 steps/paces, which translates into an offering every 4.6 meters, 2Sam 6:13. The maths translates into over an incredible number of 1,300 oxen offered to God, just on the journey, before the climax offering. I checked the price of an oxen and it was estimated at $4000, for the price of one! With all the multi-billion dollar offerings of David, he was not granted permission to build for God despite his willingness. In 1 Chronicles 29 you witness what I term, “Multi-Millionaires Fundraising” towards the Church project, and you could sense the excitement in their giving.

His son Solomon just blew the mind of God by giving an offering worth $4,000,000 in an instance during a normal Church service in a makeshift structure. God couldn’t contain his excitement and woke Solomon up for conversation. 2Chronicles 1:6–7. This guy then took offering to the next level by sacrificing 22,000 cattle, 120,000 sheep and goats, during a dedication service, that offering is beyond $18,200,000 in present economic status. God payed him another visit. 1Kings 8:63, 9:2

The land sold by Ananias should be costing more than $120,000 today. His deceptive part offering of $60,000 was rejected and caused his life to end abruptly…The lists go on and on.

When I look at these offerings, I understand why the move of God seem to be silent in our days. An offering of a pitiful $5000 has generated a whole lot of furory. We would realish receiving $5000 or more as our allowances. We wouldn’t mind spending more than $5000 on our homes and properties. We wouldn’t mind spending $5000 on cost of education for our wards…but we are incensed because an offering of $5000 is being raised.

I’m sure God is looking down at us with pity. We eagerly jump to receive all the words of prophecy but when it gets to connecting with a seed, then we start rationalizing. I have come to acknowledge that the principles of giving and seed sowing are universal. No wonder other religions are so damn rich yet the christian religion seems to be dwindling in fortunes.

We have placed God second in our dealings. Our budgets come into play during offering time. But when we are having fun, the same budget becomes the least of our worries.

With all due respect to sports, footballers sweat juggling airbags with no thought of afterlife, they play 45 minutes each half with some rest and they are paid over $300,000 a week. Society hails them (myself included).

A preacher man leaves the comfort of his family, denies himself a lifetime of fun and pleasure. He decides to follow a divine ordnance for the benefit of mankind but we start running them down.

I’m praying to get more than $5000 in my account though but I think that amount called for as offering or seed is woefully inadequate to cater for Kingdom business. We are becoming a laughing stock.

This is why some have been praying for the Abrahamic blessings and covenant but are still where they are. If $5000 offering is scaring us, then how big can we dream?

I am praying for the day when members of churches will start building parishes and branches for their mother Church. This is the essence of our Christian faith. The criticism is needless.

For those who will argue that our dispensation is under grace but not under the law, my only response is to quote;…“While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.” Gen. 8:22

Christianity is not miserable and an excuse to be poor. We need more prosperity messages and we should be doers, not hearers only. Of a truth, we have been decieving ourselves all this while. The earth is the Lord’s and of the fullness therein. We are children of the God of prosperity.

No Christian should condemn or talk harshly against a fellow Christian, especially when giving is concerned. Don’t embarass our Wealthy Heavenly Father with your giving attitude and mentality.

We plead for mercy!