My junior colleague came to tell me that, the young woman was refusing surgery. She had been diagnosed with a huge ovarian tumor. Reading through her clinical notes, I realised that she was actually a poor woman who was finding it very difficult to pay her medical bills. So poor to the extent that the doctors and nurses had to do voluntary contributions to supply her the needed medications.

A young woman, who looked so frail and had lost so much life psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Her very existence now depended on the removal of the tumor, which has been sucking up all her blood. She had sought for help from all manner of traditional and conventional medical practitioners, yet her condition detorriated. She reminded me so much of the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible.

She has a son but the father was no where to be found. She looked so alone.

I knew we had to do something, we had to give her hope to dream and live again. So I went to have a chat with her, to understand why she would not want the surgery done to save her. Money should not be the reason to give up in life.

As I talked with her, I saw fear in her eyes. She told me, if there was a way of keeping her awake during the surgical operation, then she would consent for surgery. She was afraid that if she underwent general anaesthesia, she would not wake up again. She was afraid and oddly convinced that she would die.

The LORD asked me, "do you know why she seems so afraid?"

So I asked her and she opened up to tell me the cause. She had a strong conviction that her elder sister had a hand in her suffering. She told me how she was maltreated by her elder sister who had no child. Her only crime was that, she had refused to sell her son to her(elder sister) for GHC 400.(yea you are seeing right!) That's about $100.

Before she came to the hospital, her elder sister gave her a farewell message that, the surgery would not be successful and she won't come back alive... She couldn't control the tears as she spoke. She had to hide her son at a friend's place, away from her elderly sister before coming for surgery.

I held her hand and smiled, then I asked her if she went to church? She told me she was a Methodist member. I asked her if she believed in Jesus Christ and His Word. She said yes. I asked her if she believed the Word of God that says, "I shall not die, but live and declare the works of God"?, she said yes. I again asked her if she believed in Jesus who said that He has come so you would have life and have it abundantly?, she said yes. Finally, I asked her, which of the reports did she believe, God's report or her sister's?She told me God's report.

I declared over her, " Be it unto you, according to the Word of God and your belief in Him."..."Amen...", she responded. With a flicker of hope now in her eyes, she told me, how she would wear an all white attire to church and give a big testimony amongst the congregation, if she came back successfully.

We prayed and she was sent to theatre. By God's grace, surgery was successful, she woke up right on time after the last skin stitch. I even communicated with her on the theatre table before sending her to the recovery area. She couldn't believe it, she is alive and well!

Oh how God loves us, how God wants us to look at our difficult situations and prophesy life into dead circumstances.

Don't let anybody/anything sentence you to emotional torture and premature death. I challenge you to speak the mind of Christ to your situation.

Don't give up, don't give in. The power to overcome is in you! No situation or challenge can swallow you up. 
Be it unto You, according to the Word of God and your belief in Him.

Much love and peace to you.