Our Lost Worship

Worship is an art not an act

Once again, I found myself at this Worship Conference. I have come to realize that in life, our sole purpose is to Worship our Maker.And this is one code of conduct and a lifestyle that I believe every stratified level christian ought to know, without any doubt.

And so, a gathering of worshipers I believe should be the most aromatically infused incense of pure worship, offered to Yahweh…So here I was, lost in His Glorious Presence…suddenly the Holy Spirit prompted me to look at my “fellow worshipers” in the same auditorium where the Presence… the Tehilla Presence with His Shekina Glory had risen over us.

I heard that still small voice of the Holy Spirit, this time with a note of sadness… “My Presence doesn’t mean anything to this generation…”

This generation risks incurring the wrath of Elohim with our attitude during Worship sessions. We have definitely lost it, that, Worship is a lifestyle…In the presence of the King, people were taking selfies, the worship leader was rather being adored more than the Worship. In His Presence, people were filming on their personal tabs/gadgets, others too were busily fraternizing, 
Friends were playing catch-up right in the middle of service, others were busily chewing popcorn…some where drinking fizzy drinks…traffic was flowing like nobody’s business. The flickering lights on stage had rather engaged people’s attention while some were actually waiting for the worship leader to sing one of his popular tunes which they were familiar with.

“See what you are doing in My Presence, the Presence that Adam feared to be, the Presence that had Moses journeying and being separated from his kinsmen for days…the Presence that I even I, Yahweh, denied my only begotten Son… “

I could only in the midst of my trance, plead for Mercy on behalf of this generation.May we come to the place, where our understanding and knowledge about God will prevent us from taking his Worship and Presence for granted.

Even God was pleased to engage Satan in conversation in His Presence… (Job 2)That presupposes that Satan might have done something right to engage the attention of Elohim…

Let’s go back to our heart of Worship.

Much love and peace to you.

Originally published by Reggie Jotham at www.facebook.com.