The Invisible Presence

I really hated to go home during vacation and especially, mid-term holidays. This was during my senior high education at the prestigious, St. Augustine’s College, Cape Coast in Ghana. A school endowed with great talents and extraordinary gentlemen(don’t be jealous ok?) and with the most impressive administration block along the west coast of Africa.

It was during one of such mid-term holidays, that the incident happened.

I had made plans with other friends to go to the beach front, we used to call there, “angola” a place that was strictly out of bounds to all students but as usual, youthful exuberance was at play.

My school son, prior to my planned rendezvous, had made a call to his parents in Accra, unknown to me then.

I was tasked, painfully to bring him home. All my permutations to find a way of sending him home without my presence came to nought. I reluctantly went to write our names (as that was the rule then)for exeat to be granted us. So I grudgingly went with him, I just did not want to miss my time out with my friends.

Upon my reaching home, I told my parents the usual lies; extra classes, textbooks and pamphlets that needed to be bought.(are you remembering yours?)

In my haste to leave home, I did not forget though to say a little prayer. Off then I went with the speed of a bee with pollen after deceitfully squeezing cash from my parents…I just couldn’t miss the fun.

But something dramatic happened when I left home… It looked like I found myself in a trance. I felt an extraordinary presence around me. I was compelled to do things I had not thought of; window shopping and wandering about in Accra for no justifiable reason.

Finally, I left Accra at 12:30 pm. The moment I boarded the bus, the invisible hands that was dragging me around disappeared and I felt light, all of a sudden. I took a book, written by Charles and Frances Hunter. The title of that book was; “ I DON’T FOLLOW SIGNS AND WONDERS, THEY FOLLOW ME!”

Right in the bus, during the journey, I realised I had started speaking in tongues (that was my first experience with the heavenly language). It was not at a crusade, not when I was on my way to Church, but when I was going to misbehave!

It was a safe journey to Cape Coast, I took the next available taxi to school, my heart was throbbing with excitement.

I got to campus and saw other students standing in groups, and the look on their faces was not exciting. I sensed something had gone wrong. I got to my dormitory and I was met with this words,”… Oko, you make lucky papa… You for thank God! “ The incident, that led to being told that chilled me to the core.

My friends went to the beach as planned, as they were swimming, three of them got drowned. Two were saved but the third friend could not be saved. And it happened at exactly 12:30 pm! The same time I boarded the bus. And I knew then, that it could have easily been me, because I was not a good swimmer but I loved adventure.

My other friends who went to the beach were dismissed outright. Others who had gone to town without exeat where given varying degrees of suspensions with the least being external suspension.

I was saved! Then it dawned on me that the LORD had been with me all along.

That little prayer you said in your difficult moments is just enough to bring His presence to you. I can confidently assure you, the LORD is with you right now at this very moment.

Do not loose hope, you have just been delivered from something terrible, which would have been more painful and unbearable.

Raise your head high, smile again and dream again. You are loved by Heaven.

Much love and peace to you.