The Invocation

Be Protected by the Mighty Angels of God

Under the inspiration of the Almighty through the name of Jesus, I pronounce these blessings to you:
He who commanded the waters to stay their course, has also commanded calamity to stay its course because of you. He who commanded the sun to rise in the morning has commanded your blessings to rise with you. He has ordered mighty angels for your service.

May your head be lifted. May He who promotes without consulting, promote you to the next level. May your horn be exalted like the unicorn. May your temples be decorated with comeliness and your countenance bright like the morning sun. May the vision be clear as the morning waters of the stream, far-reaching as the eagle, strong as Moses’ and may your dream live with you. May your eyes never dim, may your vision never dour and may your dream never die. As Jehovah anoints your head, may your cup overflow. May your hear the sound of victory, triumph and jubilation. May the voice of Yahweh be clear to you. Let every contrary voice be silenced. May you smell of the freshness and pleasantness of God’s goodness and grace. May the Almighty give you a new song of praise and thanksgiving. May your head honor knowledge and your mouth speak wisdom and mysteries.

Let every yoke be broken off your back and every burden be lifted off your chest. May your heart beat with God’s mercy and favor. Let the Breath of Elohim be your life support. Let His compassion and faithfulness sustain you. Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. Life shall emanate from your seed. The fruit of your womb shall be sustained. Your bosom shall be filled with joy.

Your hands shall be strengthened for battle. With outstretched arms, you will offer a thanksgiving offering to the Lord for dealing wondrously with you. Any evil hand manipulating your blessings behind the scenes shall wither and die. You will carry your blessings and the fruit of your labor. The work of your hands shall be mightily blessed and of your enterprise, there shall be increase.

You shall be the bearer of good news and good will. The promises of Yahweh shall continually be a lamp on your feet and a light on your path. The LORD shall order your steps towards an expected end. You will run through troops and walk on your high places, in the corridors of favor and approval.

As a father rejoices over her daughter, so shall Elohim rejoice over you. As a mother honors her son, so shall the Shekinah Presence bring you honor and fulfillment. Peace shall be within your borders. Your strength shall not fail you. Your virtue shall be preserved. Blessed shall be your morning, gracious shall be your afternoon and calm shall be your night.

May God lift you higher, may you be called by a new name. May you be the delight of the Lord. May your land be inhabited. May you be a royal diadem, in the hands of Jehovah. May your dwelling place be among the gods of creation. May He, who is God all by Himself keep you close to Himself. May the mighty warring angels stand by your gates with flaming swords. May your life be nourished with supernatural provision and uncommon grace. You will be satisfied with long life and prosperity. May your breakthroughs go beyond moments to days, from days to weeks, from weeks to months, from months to years and from years to a lifetime.

The LORD forgive you, preserve you, sustain you, vindicate you, empower you, glorify you, justify you, lift you, favor you, the Lord bless you and keep you, the LORD make His Face shine upon you and be more gracious to you and give you rest. The LORD lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace. Now and forever more, because you are chosen of the LORD. You are the apple of God’s eye. You are the essence of His power and glory. You are called by a new name, which the mouth of the LORD has spoken, a delight of Yahweh. Let Him that dwells upon the wings of the Cherubims dwell with you. Let the Host of heaven, Jehovah Sabaoth defend you on every side. May the four winds of the Almighty, favor your cause and may He show you a token for good.

You are marked for miracles, signs and wonders. The seal of God’s love, the Holy Spirit rests upon you. The Sun of Righteousness shall rise over you and your loved ones, with healing in its wings. As you rise up to honor the Lord, you shall take your rightful place of inheritance. As you lie down to sleep, so shall the storms in your life lie still. The King above all kings celebrates you, He adores you and loves you!

Happy New Year to you, amen!