The Selfie Moments

Our Selfie Moment

We love to create simple but beautiful moments of enjoying each other’s company. We make fun with photo shoots, we call it “selfie moments”. Sometimes when I miss my wife, I unwind at the beach. To feel the caresses of the sea breeze on my face and enjoy the choreography of the waves and tide. I admire the young couple, reveling in the breezy moments. You need not spend a fortune to savor those beautiful moments…

Once on my way back home, I saw another moment with ordinary people which fascinated me again. It was nothing one would pay detailed attention to though.

They were probably a family, judging by how they had gathered, 3 children and 2 adults, who could possibly be parents to the children.

They were sitting by a wayside tea seller and they were busily taking selfies (our now adopted slang for picture shooting). They looked so happy and excited yet, they looked so ordinary with nothing comely about them. But in the distance of my journey to work, I felt a sizzle of their excitement, enough to share this with you.

It is not our high and lofty dreams that bring us happiness. The little things we do, and say; surprising a dear one with a simple meagre gift, listening to the chatters of a baby, saying a pleasant hello to a familiar stranger, just spending some time with family and recounting growing up adventures, trying out a selfie like this family, teasing your ownself over a near embarrassment… And it goes on and on…

These are the simple things, that make the world a special place. These are some of the ordinary things, the little things that warm the heart and heal the soul.

You have been too tensed, you have been expending too much energy in showing that plastic smiles which is even causing you facial aches.

Please, loosen up, be real for once. Try falling in love again with the simplicities of life. Get out of your way, go grab some pebbles for the ones around you, try singing a tune with your ‘cocosomic’ voice…come on.

These moments are for the simple-hearted and the young at heart. 
I wish you selfie moments of fun and laughter. Cheerio, keep shining and, keep smiling.