Week of December 3

Our Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

Memory Verse:
Psalm 95:2–3
Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to Him with songs of praise!
For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all gods.

Thoughts on Verse:
We are encouraged to meet the Lord with a thankful heart. Thanksgiving is a form of sacrifice. A sacrifice is the most expensive gift that puts a warm smile on the face of God. Sacrifices are that which you offer as a tribute, an offering of your priceless and invaluable virtue, more significant in worth than anything you value. This sacrifice is beyond our convenience, our worth and our accomplishments. 
It is a such gift of offering we are required to bring as thanksgiving.

It makes the LORD appreciate His true worth in your life. As you present such an offering, the LORD is pleased and touched. 
This type of thanksgiving magnifies your case before Elohim. It also presents with a spiritually infused aromatic prayer which does not go unnoticed in the courts of heaven. It is a sure way of amplifying your voice and requests. 
The recipient of your thanksgiving is the God of all flesh. He is the creator of all things, He sits on top of all other gods. So as your thanksgiving reaches up to Him, you also place yourself above all other gods, powers, thrones and challenges.

No wonder a thankful Christian is a very powerful Christian, so powerful that it intimidates the gates of hell. As you thank the great King above all gods, he will also make you a priority above all else.

I am coming to you Heavenly father, with a thankful heart. Lord you have been gracious to me. You have been good to me. Your grace has preserved me. Your mercy O Lord, has found me. I am coming to your presence with thanksgiving. I am thanking you for how far you have brought me. In my moments of triumphs and failures, joy and sorrow, abundance and scarcity, happiness and pain, in whatever state I find myself in Lord, I am grateful. For I know that everything is working for my good. I ask by your Holy Spirit, that my heart of gratitude and thanksgiving will be acceptable to you. Through your Son Jesus Christ, I offer this prayer, amen!