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When a flight makes you almost half deaf.

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Blog FOR #01

I’ve been in Fortaleza for less than a month and I got sick but not lonely.
 Going abroad, I had 3 major fear: I’d get sick, out of money and I’d be lonely.
 My observations:
 A little chaos going on around the city. 
 Sidewalks = holes + litter. 
 Transit = confusing + danger 
 Interior design = no idea what they are doing
 Walls = blank or have a terrible art
 Food = sometimes cheap
 Coffee = too strong 
 Orange juice = strange taste
 People = friendly + intrusive (often they ask me personal questions).
 Wifi = sometimes you find
 Have to go to a coworking spaces if yo need to get things done.
 JULY 7- JULY 15, 2018
 I’m not sure what direction to go, what I will write about. 
 The thing is that I write, yeah! 
 It was a voice inside me always asking me to do.
 I came back after two years and I feel like disoriented.
 Nothing had changed. 
 Because this is my first Medium post I’d like to show you art I made.

I’ll show more and more of my art with each story I write.

NYTimes cover in abstract colors by Regia Marinho.



Arrived at the FOR, Fortaleza international airport. Get a cab and went to the place they reserved me via WhatsApp, to see if someone was there waiting for me.
 And before doing anything I went to my favorite shopping mall to surprise friends. 
 My place has no wifi, so I remain depending on the near public wifi. 
 Not able to work, still a little confuse, just meet friends.
 Also the apartment/suite has no kitchen, and the shower has no heat. 
 But, It is yeah, in a great location.
 The rain came down during the night and when I wake up my bath shower was like water from a freezer. 
 I walk to find a store to get my personal hotspot and spend hours there. 
 Walking around and visiting two coworking spaces.
 Sidewalk here is danger, irregular surfaces, holes, and some trash… one have to walk looking down to be safe. 
 And because it was raining, its necessary to take extra care to not fall and broke a foot.
 I still do not get warm water from the shower.
 Spent all morning in a cafe with good wifi.
 I didn’t pay attention to the world championship soccer game and spent time in a bookstore to power my laptop and do some art.
 When I came home in the evening.
 They have not done shower installation. 

They told me that when I go out, they will do it. 
 They did not find the 2nd keys of my apartment. Oh well.
 But they did it later. 
 Call to a lawyer to ask for help with professional matters.
 I borrow a napkin to scribble a note, a phone #, when I forget where is my notebook inside my bag.
 I met my nephew to talk about family affairs and more people I did not see for such a long time.
 Found live music in a public space near my place. People listen, talk too much, and do not dance. 
 Not much energy from the three guys, a singer and two with cord instruments.
 To cross the street from one mall to another you have to pass between the cars, there is not a system sign or something to make people safe, and a store owner told me that people are the ones that is wrong because they want to cross not on the corner. 
 People seems confused and out of reality, things did not changed much since last time I was here. 
 The economy of the city is not good, some simple things I could not find in stores, like nail remover and tissue paper. 

 Last night I was up until midnight. 
 Today France won the soccer world championship. People here was with Croatia.

The thing is, I need 1 week before I feel comfortable in a city.

Digital nomads lifestyle?

I intend to stay at least 1 month in each city.

 Morning trip to Messejana to see a lawyer. 
 I just made some digital art at night. One of them is right below.

Scattered Abstract art by Regia Marinho.

 Meet more people.
 Get money from a gig job. Images I create for a Whiskey Bar of a hotel, months ago.
18 - 25th of July.

I met lots of people. Talk and listen a lot. 
 But I also spent time reading about blockchain and creating digital art. 
 The wifi is intermittent here.
 The city is danger, bad people burn several buses on the outskirts.

 I did some digital art while half listen to live music.

Abstract Digital Art by Regia Marinho.

Still without hearing well since my trip from San Francisco. 
 I went to a pharmacist asking for some drops to use in my left ear. 
 He asked me… did you travel recently? If so you have to wait days, maybe it is the result of the airplane pressure. No pain, no remedies.


The Magic Kiss.
I have been without hearing well for about 20 days due to 13-hours flight from SFO to FOR.

Today I met a guy brother of a friend of mine that have huge ideas and delirious dreams about what he earn, about what he created… he thinks he created some of the big companies in Silicon Valley.
 We begin to talk about art. I showed him some abstraction I did recently. 
 Then he decided to tell me what to paint. 
 He made a small sketch (maybe I’ll show it later, if you ask me to do so) of a jar with flowers and told me to paint it with the same size as the Monalisa painting and the colors he want to see it. 
 I agree with him, and he said to me that we’ll going to sell it to Jeff Bezos for 3 Million to hang on the wall of NYC Amazon bookstore and then share the money. 
Minutes later he told that we’re going to be the richest couple in the art world.
Remember I told you that I had a problem with my ear during my travel? 
Ok, he gave me a kiss and left.

Minutes later the magic happen. 
 A heard a big noise from the ambient sounds.
 Now I’m able to listen very well, no remedies, just a kiss.

Do you believe?

You may see more of my art at REGIAART.COM

Artwork made on July 29th, 2018 by Regia Marinho.

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