Tweetstorm: Jeff Willis on Should You Pay for a Script Consultant
Scott Myers

I’d like to disagree, but maybe I was just lucky. I worked with several script consultants, most importantly Erik Bork (HBO, he wrote for Tom Hanks, Emmy winner) and Sam Bartlett (PAGE Award winner, — he is absolutely fantastic!). They were definitely worth the money and I would never have gotten this kind of high-level professional feedback within my private network. And who is more biased: my friend or just acquaintance who doesn’t want to be unfriendly with me or my consultant who got paid by me for being exactly that, critical and not necessarily friendly? There are certainly limits to this service, e. g. I got really annoyed sometimes by the Save-the-Catishness of Erik Bork. But still, I’m happy to pay for good consultancy and I would always invest up to 1000$ per script (not for a single consultancy, but coverage from two or three consultants). Or let me put it the other way round: if I invest less than 500$ in my script that hopefully garners me a five or six figure deal, I feel irresponsible.

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