Bannon, Conway Leaving Trump White House To Work On “House Of Cards”
Allan Ishac

Thank you for providing reindeer-nose Bannon with a new job! I feared the worst for him. Half-witted and half-educated as he is, he saw himself being the Thomas Cromwell of the actual presidential hologram that is haunting the White House, and as such ‘deconstructing’ and ‘defederalizing’ American government. He must have fell asleep halfway through the abbreviated children’s version of Cromwell’s story and thus missed the end of it, namely Cromwell being condemned to death without trial and beheaded by the orders of his king. Now, in reality, he can avoid this fatal outcome of his ambition just by switching to fiction in the writers’ room. Yet, I’m not sure whether he’s up to required level of writing. Looking at the executive orders that he has carelessly scribbled for the presidential simulation under his control is not so encouraging.

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