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Why Republican Senators Are Such Compliant Sycophants — Trump Speaks, They Bow.

Before I go any further, I have to offer a response to Trump’s blind belief and statement on November 7, 2018 that, and I quote, “ “I think I am a great moral leader.” Most of us have moments (often) when we doubt whether what we are doing is the right course, or whether we even know what we are doing. We spend time rethinking what we have said or believed. We look for a moral compass to guide us. Not the president. He really thinks he is a great moral leader. I cannot imagine where he gets that from but it clarifies — for the record — that it is not from reality. Celebrities and everyday people took to the Internet to respond — this one is my favorite:

To continue, as I was wondering about something — mainly this, that Trump has the intellectual capacity of a gnat, so why is he running the country ?— I was forced to acknowledge that his Republican Senate devotees help him to breathe and talk and walk. He needs their help and they give it, unreservedly, totally, with a groveling obedience that shows itself all the time — ALL THE TIME!

Now I have to ask, why? How do they stop their human selves from disagreeing once in a while? But first, I have to think — where else do I see this? Where else have I read about it, maybe, or even — gasp — learned about it through my education?

It was too easy to find out. I doubted my senses. Surely information this readily available would have already reached Republicans? Especially the Republican Senate? Alas, no.

The past reveals at least three governments a century wherein the groveling obedience to the lord and master, king, and/or dictator in charge has shown itself — and the results have not been pretty.

All of these owners of a citizenry have used the “divide and conquer” mentality for persuasion. All of them without exception have used anger and prejudice to stir up their crowds. All of them have welcomed mobs and mob violence. All of them have said outsiders are evil, and even denounced them as sub-human.

Sound familiar?

I list some of those individuals here. Just one thing to keep in mind — not one of these dictators — none of whom were particularly bright — would have ascended to their respective power without the cooperation of their governing bodies and their mobbing supporters. Not one. Either it stops in the early stages— or it doesn’t stop at all. That is what history tells us. In the twentieth century alone we have many examples: Lenin and Stalin in the Soviet Union, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh in Northern Vietnam, Enver Pasha in Turkey, Hirohito in Japan, Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan, Mao Zedong in China, and Hitler — altogether such governments caused the deaths of nearly two hundred million people.

Each such dictator with his government’s support has turned to oppression, and in a very specific sequence, as follows:

  • Get elected when the economy is stuttering and division is growing or becoming more visible according to income levels and work skills.
  • Agitate embittered people.
  • Condemn unrelentingly the free press.
  • Attack intellectuals, artists, and all creative people.
  • Arrest “outsiders,” even if they are citizens.

Jim Powell at Forbes offers a succinct summary of causes, and this:

“The short answer is that bad policies caused economic, military and political crises — chow time for tyrants. German circumstances changed for the worse, and when people become angry enough or desperate enough, sometimes they’ll support crazies who would never attract a crowd in normal circumstances.”

He adds:

“ Hitler’s main talent seemed to be as a speech maker, so he began giving speeches that appealed to Germans embittered and disillusioned by the outcome of the war. He denounced Jews…and other alleged villains, vowing to rebuild German greatness.”

If you substitute “Trump” for “Hitler,” “immigrants” for “Jews,” and “Americans” for “Germans,” you have an accurate picture of our WH and its Senate. And war of some kind, including a civil war, is no longer out of the question.

Americans are poised at an interesting point in history. If the newly elected Democratic majority in the House can prevent the Republican Senators’ groveling from allowing the president to do whatever he likes, the country has a chance: the people have a voice. All the people, not just the white people who so strangely worship this orange-haired oaf, an erratic, inconsistent, loutish, peculiar, and always angry man. Hitler was always angry. So were the other dictators. Makes you wonder.

Just a thought — when it comes to being aware of who we have governing our country— they cannot, as Eleanor Roosevelt so famously said, do anything without our consent. If we stand back, if we say and do nothing, if we are afraid and retreat, we are, always, responsible for whatever outcome shows up — make no mistake. If Trump gains more power, it is because we say yes to his demagogic megalomania.

But we really do have the right to say no.

We NEVER have to bow in compliance like the Republican Senators are doing — entirely, I could add, out of self-interest. They associate their power with Trump’s, and it has been evident for two years that they do not care what they have to do to preserve this. Power is addictive. And it is relentless and utterly destructive EVERY TIME it is used against ideals of equality and against the welfare of all human beings. We were not born to be oppressed or demeaned or diminished or controlled by anyone, especially not by buffoons and cowards and violent, angry demagogues. We are not meant to allow this.

We are meant to keep watch.