The Unfairness of Feeling
Ashley Corbett

Thank you, Ashley. Your courage to be you despite the oppression of stigma inspires me deeply. As if living with such a debilitating illness and all of its consequential, immeasurable effects weren’t enough, it is always the insolence and inhumane attitudes that kill me every time. I am grateful to have come across your story. I am a coward who will mostly hide, although it’s getting harder to over time and honestly I am just tired . Why am I forced to do so only to avoid further insult and pain? In any group throughout my life it was me that had the worst of traumas, the excess too great to comprehend to others. But I did not want pity.nor preferential treatment. I detest the patronizing lip service. Please stop. I just want to be treated with respect. With normalcy. Pretend I’m a human being and not some freak show. One thing is certain. I thank God every day that at least I am not like them. My name is Regina and I have a Dissociative disorder. (And for those of you thinking of Sybil, Tara, or Eve, phst!..y’all don’t know jack sh*t)