SF Ali

What’s the point of having a crisis line that either (A.) Won’t even talk to you unless you are actually suicidal, (meaning you have “a plan” and about to execute said “plan”); or (B.) You DO have “A PLAN” and have every intention on following through, at which point the voice on the other end of the so- called crisis line will direct you to go immediately to the nearest emergency room. Really?

First of all, if I have gotten to the point of even having an actual “plan”, let alone, about to act upon it, why in the fuck would I bother calling anyone now? Especially some random stranger whose intention would be to have me locked up and preventing me from my goal to just end it all already!

This is just one of too many examples of how these wannabe “we’re-always-here-to-help-you” public services get it all screwed up. Who told you (providers of mental health services) that people like me (consumer of mental health services) wanted a 24/7 crisis line that is basically useless!

Did anyone even bother to ask the consumers what they wanted or needed? Did anyone listen if /or when they did? Or was this just another survey passed out to gauge what a wonderful job the department of health and human services is doing for its mental health consumers?

I am sick of hearing about award ceramonies and dedications and philanthropic generosities and still I can’t get the help I need or that my children need. We fall through the cracks as invisible casualties while spotlights gaze brightly on some new program or innovative idea that was often already there but never utilized .

I am tired of being an unpaid educator to paid providers ignorant of policies, codes and ethics.

And I resent being made the guinea pig to inexperienced interns who have no clue what their doing, along with the rest who have no personal life experience and consider a dusty dated textbook a more reliable source of information.

Get the fuck outta here!

And for those of you not knowing, PTSD existed long before it became some exclusive “veterans only” treatment club. ( No disrespect intended to our vets, servicemen and their families).

It’s a cold world to live in when you are afflicted with a mental illness. More common than not, its usually more than a single diagnosis we are forced to contend with.

AND THEN the stigma, the ignorance, the insolance, the out casting, the lack of treatment options and quality care. This coming from one who’s lived a thousand lifetimes in the trenches. An expert on things I wish I knew nothing of. Damn straight, we deserve respect!