Shop Online for Movado Gold Watches

Shop online at Great Watches NYC for Movado gold watches. There is practically nothing more durable than palladium wedding bands. With a melting point of nearly 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, palladium is part of the group of metals that includes platinum. Custom men’s jewelry made from this nearly indestructible metal will last for decades without scratching or need of polishing.

Learn more about palladium wedding bands and other mens jewelry below.

It Was For Men First

We usually associate jewelry with women — particularly necklaces and bracelets. It is very likely however that men’s jewelry existed before women began adorning themselves. Custom men’s jewelry existed during the Stone Age over a thousand centuries ago; Ice Age hunters often wore necklaces made from the teeth, claws and/or bones of animals which they had killed for the tribe to eat. Among North American Indians, women’s and men’s jewelry served a dual purpose: dentalia, or “wampum” shells worn around the neck also served as currency.

Today, palladium wedding bands are the latest thing in men’s jewelry, but hardly the only thing. Men’s watches (including dive watches for the undersea adventurer), Movado gold watches and tungsten carbide wedding rings are just some of what is available.

About Mens Watches

Pocket watches are certainly the epitome of masculinity, but are rather dated — and not all that convenient, since a fob chain is usually required. Movado gold watches, made by a Swiss company that is practically the final word in precision timepieces, come in well over eighty different styles. Mens watches are always welcome gifts, and in some cases are even traditional. In Spain for example, after a woman received an engagement ring from a man, she often presents him with a wristwatch in return.

Industrial-strength Wedding Rings

Tungsten carbide wedding rings are indeed “forever.” Tungsten is the material from which the filaments of old-style incandescent light bulbs were made, and is nearly indestructible. Likewise, palladium wedding bands are also made to last the ages.

Although these metals are products of the Industrial Age, they are indeed traditional in design — chances are that nobody will know they’re not made from white gold (unless they try to scratch or bend them).

Palladium wedding bands and tungsten-carbide wedding rings, like Movado gold watches, are gifts that will continue to increase in value while providing decades of service. Before taking the plunge and simply buying a traditional gold or silver wedding set, take a look at some of the many palladium wedding bands on the market today.