14 Things To Make Interviewers Fall In love With You (And Ultimately Securing The Job)

I went through a lot of interviews, both being an interviewer and interviewee. I realized that there are something should be said based on timing (which can affect the outcome in many ways).

When you are going for interview …

Reach early.

I tend to be there an hour earlier, always. One hour buys you enough time to face a lot unwanted or unexpected challenges; traffic jam, lost etc.. People often go for 30 minutes, I opt for an hour. Being there early allows me to go to the toilet, make up and prep up before show time. And at times, I even walk around the building to feel the environment.

Be there early.

Always be there early to the office (or place) that you are supposed to be interviewed. I would say 15 minutes and do you know why? When a person allocate his/her time to interview you at 3 pm, it means that the interview should start at 3, finish at 4 (maybe). When you are there sharp on time, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to fill up the job application form and ended up, either parties would need to rush through the interview. The worst case is when you can see the interviewer down the hallway, waiting for you to complete the application form.

Do your research.

Know the company and do some research. It is always fun (as an interviewer) to see the applicant knows something about the company he or she is applying. Plus, it shows interests too!

Sitting position and posture.

Pretty straight forward and you should know by now. The way you sit matters a lot. Always maintain a confidence stance and be comfortable. If not, you will not be able to be yourself.

Be the person they want to hire.

Imagine the dream employee they want to hire. Be that one! Most of the time, they share the requirements when they are advertising for job vacancy.

Believe in yourself.

When you believe in your self (e.g. words), your tone changes and are often more firm. If you are in the sales line, this is something they are constantly looking for. You need to be bold (in some way) and trusting every word that comes out from your mouth.


I love imagine myself in the room, the questions asked by interviewers and how I answer it. This gives me a sense on calmness and when I feel that I am geared, I would be less panic and could perform my very best.

Calling in the Human Resources before hand.

I love doing this. Get in touch with the HR department and ask for the details of the person who is going to interview you. Once you get the name or the position, it is time to get sneaky and head over to social media like LinkedIn and Facebook. Knowing the person’s face and experience is critical in ‘clicking’ with them. In most cases, you are going to impress them (just don’t add them as friend or say “Hey, I saw you posting this on Facebook” type of thing).

Hand shake, always.

I’m a male and I often try my best to be the first initiator for handshake. And when you shake hands, make sure you use ‘firm grip’ to show confidence level.

Never, ever interrupt their talking.

Pretty obvious here but you’ll be surprised that many people still do this mistake!

Additional information.

If you are a female and would need off for pumping breast milk, make sure you highlight to the interviewers at the end of the interview. Here’s the thing, not many interviewers or companies allow such and by saying in the earlier parts of the interview, it is going to hamper any chance of success.

Talk about the pay, at the very end.

Never talk about the pay in the beginning or middle. Do that only when that is the very last thing you will ask the interviewers.

Silent your phone, not vibration.

Please, please and please silent your mobile phone when you are in an interview. Even the vibration on the phone is already annoying! So please, unless you are about to launch a nuclear missile, kindly keep your mobile phone on silent.

Return call after 3 days to follow up.

If you have a good feeling about the job, always follow up after a few days. This is risky, but if you are confidence that you can get the job, then do it! It shows interest :)

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