7 Things You Can Do To Become A Powerful Speaker

I consider speaking as an art and I’m far from calling myself a professional speaker. However, I’ve seen people asking for this and therefore, here are my top 7 tips of becoming a powerful speaker.

Standing stance.

My job requires me to deliver information in form of briefing, stand up meeting and so on. So, standing stance in delivering information is critical. Stand straight up and confidence.

Hand movement.

Never put hands in the pocket and folding hands when talking. Move your hand within the frame of your body and when you are stressing out a specific topic or fact, your hand movement must be more firm. This gives power.

Hand movement is critical and here’s a video that you should consider watching about the importance of hand movement:


Preparation is key. Preparing gives you confidence and more importantly, it boosts your confidence level. This is where you won’t get caught with your pants down!


Do you know that the mindset plays an important role? Yes, seriously! When you are giving a speech, talk or even guiding a fellow colleague, make sure your mind is giving you the right signals.

Imagine this. You know that you are good in topic A and you are all set to go on stage. Suddenly, your mind plays trick on you and give you self doubt. What would happen next?

  • Lost of confidence
  • Panic
  • Worry
  • Experience shutter speaking

Being early.

When you are being early to an event, it gives you time to prepare yourself mentally. When you are late, everything seems to be rushing and you will literally derail from the track!

Firm grip handshake.

Handshake is a sign of confidence and power. Having a firm grip shows a person that is confidence and bold. Of course, do not overly keep a firm grip as this might lead to a wrong impression of ‘suppressing’ instead.

Tone of voice.

Lastly, the tone of voice plays an important role in making yourself a powerful person. Take a look at how Obama, Clinton, and any other world leaders give their speech. Their tone of voice are not only firm but straight to the point.

A person who is panic can easily be seen and felt through their tone of voice.