[Decision Making] Lucrative Career VS Enjoyable Career

Disclaimer: I will give you a different answer if you asked me last year.

My answer now is both “Yes” and “No.” While I know this answer doesn’t answer your question, I hope my explanation below will give you some insights.

Yes, I regretted choosing a more lucrative career

I believe I was born to do more than I am doing right now. And I know for a fact that the salary I’m earning is at least three times more than what my peers are earning.

Apart from the salary earned, there is very less satisfaction achieved during work. Take a look at the image below.

I am somewhere in the 25% of neutral, where I am neither satisfied nor dissatisfied at work.

But being neutral, made me think a lot.

My passion lies a lot in writing, and I enjoy writing. However, I know for a fact that having a lucrative career can provide my family income and security more than what I can earn if I’m pursuing my passion.

No, I do not regret choosing a more lucrative career

As said above, choosing a lucrative career allows me to have a better life for my family. As a married man with a baby boy, having job security and an above average income is always very comforting.

At the same time, another concern that I weight in was my experience which lies heavily in the industry I’m currently working. This allows me to be very valuable for companies (who hire me) even when this job is not my preference.

How to decide?

I thought of adding this part to help those who need assistance in deciding.

Go for a lucrative career if you:

  • Want to have a good life
  • Don’t mind lower satisfaction level
  • Have a family to support
  • If you want to have a more stable career (job security in mind)

Go for a career that you like if you:

  • Are young and just finish your education
  • Have little or no commitments at all
  • Would want high satisfaction level
  • Still deciding the industry, you should settle in
  • Love facing challenges every day

Allow me to share one last quote before I end:

Listen to everyone, but always follow your heart.

Question: Which is your preferred choice?

Thanks for reading!