How to make $20 per day online? My answers to Quora top question with over 127,584 views.

There are many ways you can make money online. With today’s technology, the only two limits you will face is your mind and the sky.

The below are the two methods I use to generate a minimum of $30 per day online.

Method #1: Blogging + Affiliate marketing

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Time taken: Under 6 months
  • Recurring income opportunities: Yes

Blogging is a good way to make money online but the truth is, not every blog will make any decent amount of income.

As a blogger myself, affiliate marketing is one of my top side income generator. I’ve been doing this since 2006 and since then, earning thousands of dollars through various advertisers.

Disclaimer: I’m not bragging or whatsoever. As there are many so-called guru’s in the market, I want you to know that what I’m sharing is true and based on my personal experience.
Lifetime earning of one of my affiliate partners
My earning for last month, March 2017
My earning for this month, April 2017

Here’s one of affiliate partners I am currently working with:

As you can see, there is the lifetime earning, proof of how much I earned last month (March 2017) and the current month (April 2017).

Make no mistake, I’m not earning on a daily basis, but this is just one of the companies I partner up with. Imagine if you can replicate the same strategy for at least five more companies. You’ll make more than $100 a day in no time!

Here’s what you need to know. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is pure hard work and passion for the niche I’m in.

On average, I would say only 30% (or less) blogs make money and under 5% (of the 30%) who makes over $1,000 a month from their blogs.

What you need to know:

  • You can monetize any niche in the market (even the most boring one)
  • Blogging requires passion for the topic, not the passion for blogging (please be clear here)
  • It requires some knowledge of search engine optimization and content writing skills (not hard to learn)
  • You would need a small investment to start a blog (getting domain name and web hosting)

Why affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is powerful because it gives you a lot of control over what you are selling or promoting.

I choose affiliate marketing over Google Adsense anytime of the day because you can easily sell high-value affiliate products and get a lucrative commission from the process. Imagine this:

  • Product price: $100
  • Commission percentage: 30%
  • Commission earned per sale: $30

How to start?

It all starts with three simple steps:

  1. Buy a domain (I often get from Domain Names — Cheap Domain Names)
  2. Buy a web hosting plan (I recommend BlueHost because it comes with free domain name — so you can save some money)
  3. Install WordPress through cPanel (most web hosting comes with this including BlueHost, so don’t worry about it)

Now, the next step is crucial. Find a topic that you are interested in. It can be from health, lifestyle, fashion and even the most absurd ideas. Then, find a product that relates closely to your topic.

Most brands have their affiliate programs which you can apply for. Don’t worry if they don’t have one. Most of them are selling products on Amazon. You can easily sign up for Amazon affiliate account using this link.

What to write to make sales?

If you search on Google, you will realize that there are a lot of people who are promoting a product. Let’s take an example using this product “The Lost Ways.”

First thing, what the hell is “The Lost Ways””? I seriously have no idea (no joke).

Second thing, there are 15,900,000 results when I search on Google (wut?).

Third thing, what are people talking about? See below.

Review post is one of the best way to promote a product (including video)

Now, take a moment to understand this. Everyone is talking about “The Lost Ways” and “The Lost Ways Review,” right?

That’s exactly how you make the sale!

  1. Create a blog post about the topic
  2. Choose a keyword and title (should have “The Lost Ways” or “The Lost Ways Review” in it)
  3. Make sure the article comes with over 600 words and with images
  4. Publish the post

The above is just how you can create a product review post, but it doesn’t guarantee you success for ranking.

What you need next is to understand the basic of search engine optimization (refer to this link to know more about SEO).

When it comes to writing blog posts for affiliate marketing, here are proven types of blog posts that will get you a lot of traffic and sales:

  • A full product review with images
  • Comparing product A and B
  • Why will product A solve your [insert problem]?
  • How to use product A to [insert advantage]?
  • The top 10 products that [ … ]

What do you need to know about blogging and affiliate marketing?

  1. Find your passion first; the find the blog topic that involves your passion
  2. Don’t expect to make money the first one month (often take a few months)
  3. Writing one blog post is not enough to make money. Publish 10, 20 or more to make sales
  4. Write evergreen content to ensure that you can reuse them in the future
  5. Target for commission payout of above $10 per sale
Important note: Many bloggers fail because they want the easy way of making money and here’s the fact; there’s no easy way of making money.

How much can you make from affiliate marketing?

It varies based on the niche you are in. For me, I am involved in three different niches and on average, I am making around $30 on a bad day. On good days, I make over $150 per day.

Method #2: Freelancing

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time taken: Under 1 week
  • Recurring income opportunities: No

I’m a freelancer, and I understand my passion is writing (duh!). The current market now requires a lot of freelancers because freelancers are:

  • Affordable
  • Fast turnover
  • Easy to find

Now, read the points above again. If you want to make money from freelancing, make sure you are:

  • Pricing it correctly
  • Be fast in completing a task
  • Join the right freelancer platform

I am a freelancer on Freelancer — Hire & Find Jobs, and you can find my account here.

Having a complete profile is important for a freelancer

What you need to know about becoming a freelancer?

  1. There are a lot of works you can do as a freelancer, from web design to translation — the sky is your only limit.
  2. Having good reputation is critical for your success (See my stats on the right side of the image above).
  3. Build positive networking with your clients and thank them for the job opportunity (even if you don’t get it). I did that and got 15% of repeat hire rate.
  4. Verifying your account would create higher trust level.
  5. Creating a proper portfolio and description of yourself to introduce yourself formally.
  6. Your pricing strategy is important (don’t be too desperate and don’t price too high)
  7. Understanding your competitors is critical. You can either bid a lower price (a price that you are agreeable with) or provide more addon with your offer.
  8. Create unique proposals (instead of the general one) whenever you are bidding. You stand a higher chance when you send proposal which is highly related to the client.
  9. It is never wrong in following up on the bid.
  10. Always be courteous, even when you loses the bid.
Click here to create a Freelancer account for free!

How much can you make through freelancing?

I have a day job, and therefore, I don’t spend enough time with freelancing. I often take projects that are mid-size and would take anywhere between 10 to 14 days to complete. The cost is often $300 and above.