What have been your best career decisions?

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Getting Uncomfortable

Success always lies OUTSIDE of your comfort zone
Allow me to tell you a quick story on how being uncomfortable is the BEST career decision in my entire life!

I started my first career in the corporate world back in 2005 (when I was 18 years old) as a telephone operator in a 5-star hotel. The salary was not that good, but I certainly enjoy the company, and my colleagues treated me as a family.

Coming from a broken family, the feeling of belonging means more than anything in this world. Moreover, I was hooked up to it all the time.

Three years down the road, I came to a crossroad. I worked hard and was at my peak. I knew that I was destined to do more great things than just being a rank and file in that particular hotel.

Sure, during my three years tenure there, my last held position was a Senior Guest Relation Officer, and the benefits were good. My beloved mother told me that I was destined to work in that hotel simply because the benefits were excellent, and it is hard to find a job at that point.

With no higher education and qualification, the advice from my mother lingers around my head for a long, long time.

But deep inside, I knew something.

I am getting too comfortable, and being comfortable isn’t going to slingshot me to success.

Long story short, I decided to take the leap of faith and went for hunting for another job. Little under three months, I found a job that doesn’t only offer me a better salary but a bump up in position as well!

Do you think it was comfortable for me to do so? Of course not! I was terrified with the decision I took, but I knew that that was one decision I need to make.

The path will be tough, and probably it is a path less taken, but so what?

It is my life on the line, and I am devoted to making it work for me!

It is important to understand that I was 21 at that point of time, therefore do realize that I had the young blood in me which made me impatient, etc.

Fast forward 12 years (as of now writing this now), the same mind of being uncomfortable allowed me to work with international companies I once thought it was impossible for a person like me to get a job, yet alone getting a shot for an interview.

I am not only earning ten times more than what I was earning back when I was 18 years old, but I had also broken multiple records and got awards far beyond my reach.

The moral of the story is simple. Being uncomfortable allows us to think out of the box. When we do that, we understand that conventional thinking does not make the cut anymore. What matters most is survivability.

When you are at the point of no return or put everything on the line, you know that you only have two final outcomes:

  1. You make it
  2. Or, you will fail

As Tony Robbins once said, people who face with choices between success or death (failure), people tend to succeed in life.

What do you need to know about career decisions?

If you want to succeed, the only way is to go all in. Going in half or partial is not going to make the cut.

While success is never guaranteed, it certainly doesn’t mean that you would need to play it safe. When you play it safe, you are NOT going to be 100% devoted to the ‘project’ and you are certainly not going to make it far.

Always remember that there are people who are willing to put all in and they are competing head on with you.

I share this quote with most of my associates and colleagues, and I certainly hope you find it useful as well.

There is no right or wrong decisions. There are only easy or hard ones. Either way, do not regret the decision you had taken. Embrace both the good and bad with open arms.
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