Every blog and every story should start with the pertinent facts. Sometimes you can gather facts about a character as the story develops but sometimes its helpful just to have the basics in place.

Since I’m not interested in chronology — I will begin with the basics and develop my story however I feel inspired to do so. Vignettes are the goal. My life in random episodes.

Currently I’m 30 years old. In a few days I will be 31. I suppose it would be appropriate to reflect on my birth but I do not want to do so. Nor do I want to tell a past birthday celebration story. But you can expect to hear a few in the stories to come.

Two and a half months ago I married Ryan. People have frequently asked how married life is and I’m always at a loss on how to answer that questions…. “Good?!” It is good and it is an adjustment. Nothing strange happened when we got married and moved in together. I now live somewhere else and have a roommate and a cat but otherwise I have continued being myself and I continue to look at the world through my own eyes. Anyhow, I do not choose to dwell on marriage in this post. I just wanted to state that I am recently married and that fact influences how I tell my stories.

Also, I recently became an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene. It always sounds weird saying it and writing it. Essentially what that means is that the church that I am serving with recognizes my training and my leadership and have endorsed/credentialed my work. Practically speaking it allows me to do my job without having to come before a board of elders.

Being a pastor provides you with a very interesting point of view. Many of my posts will be about me as a pastor. It will always be about my identity in Christ. I will look at who I am in Christ as a daughter, as a friend, as a wife, as a pastor, as a fellow pilgrim and all the other intersections of my being. For example who I am in Christ as a woman, a North American, a Filipina, a person of this particular generation etc.

So if you are interested in any of these I would gladly invite you to read along. Blogging often invites the opinions and views of other people. Yours are welcome as long as they are respectful. I will try to do the same. At times you may feel like I have a narrow worldview and other times you may feel like I am too “liberal” whatever that may mean. All it is probably subjective. I do not claim to speak from any place of authority. I recognize whom I represent — at the end of the day I care most about how I represent Christ. You may or may not agree with how I do so — but you are welcome to disagree with me.

This is just my story and how I have come to see the Creator weave it together. Bringing me to the different places, people and experiences I have been given. Some of it is fun and funny. Some of it is not. Now I think I have provided you with enough information to begin.

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