What All Successful People Have In Common

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I know how to use the words “trial and error” in a sentence, but after wanting to use them in a previous post, I decided to look up the actual definition. And as I read it, the words hit me in a whole new way.

The Power of Thoughts

Your thoughts are so powerful that even if 100 people truly believe in your potential, if you don’t believe it, you’ll never reach it. It’s not enough for someone else to know it, you have to know it. The only way to get there is to change the way you think. And on the flip side, as long as you know the truth, no one else’s negativity can talk you out of it.

Helpful Tools

I find it helpful to read positive quotes often. This keeps them fresh in my mind and that way they are readily available to use against negative thoughts. Positive quotes can be found numerous places, like Pinterest and in great books (like the one by Norman Vincent Peale mentioned below).

The Greats

Anyone who has accomplished anything has only found success through trial and error. Successful people didn’t have a guarantee of success before they started trying. They just decided to start and didn’t let setbacks stop them from reaching their goals.

Final Thoughts

The point here is to just start. Start somewhere. If that doesn’t work, make adjustments and keep going. Setbacks are guaranteed, but failure is not. Failure doesn’t happen until you give up. As long as you keep going, you’ll get to where you want to be.



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Regina Neiswender

Regina Neiswender

Just a regular girl trying to figure out life, hoping to help people along the way.