Duterte Needs Our Prayers

From Mr. Controversy X’s http://www.controversyextraordinary.com/2016/07/Rodrigo-Duterte-Sincerity-Bro-Eli-Soriano.html

Why does President Rodrigo Duterte need our prayers? I have five answers for this question:

  • He has to lead Filipinos the right way.
  • He has to continue having will power.
  • He needs strength and power to do his duties as president.
  • His life is in danger.
  • Most importantly, he needs to be guided by the Lord.

I have no doubts, even a single, about President Duterte. First of all, he accomplished a lot of works. In fact, Davao was even called a dangerous place because of criminals persecuted (which is reasonable, of course), but it has also been termed as one of the safest places in the world because its crime rate has almost been zero.

Duterte is most probably the strongest Philippine president I have known. Our country needs him. Our country became a country where freedom has stayed intensely which is the reason why our country became a mess. I want change. Many people actually want change. But it must come from each of us. Many Filipinos might like change, but some… or most, may not like to change.

The president is now 71 years old. I thank God he can still lead the country and willing to make change despite his age and the mess most of the Filipinos have done while freedom is there to save them.

Discipline is clearly not instilled in most of the people. Just look at the jeep, tricycle and some other car drivers who park their vehicles in the middle of a topsy-turvy traffic. See how ironic! They will stay poor if they do not know how to cooperate and change.

But, we also have to include him in our prayers, especially now that his life is in danger. He announced five generals who have been protectors of drug dealers. And not only that, his enemies increase in number as he sentence criminals to death.

This person, as we all know, is not afraid of doing what is right. He even said in an article:

“I don’t care if I burn in hell, for as long as the people I serve live in paradise.”
“There is no power that did not come from God or God did not allow.”

From Mr. Controversy X’s blog:

As he, himself, said it, President Duterte will not succeed without the help of the entire country. I believe so.

But there’s something very important that I would like to add: No leader will succeed without the help of God. In the Bible, there are some examples. Forsaken by his friends, deserted by most trusted aids, disowned even by his biological sons, David succeeded in leading Israel by the help of God.

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