A World Teacher

I know a man that I would call a World Teacher. It is a man who addresses everything concerning the universe, existence and the whole of humanity in his everyday living, his presentations and books. His name is Serge Benhayon, and he is well known and a great inspiration to thousands of people all around the globe.

As a teenager I discovered that the universe is infinite and time has no beginning or end. This left me full of questions, not only about this phenomena of infinity that our human intelligence can not understand. Why and where does it all come from, who are we and why do we or anything exist at all? Eventually I was convinced that there must be something much grander going on than the common belief of pure chance or evolution based on survival of the fittest. So my journey into the spiritual began.

The established western religions could not answer my questions. I am not one who can blindly believe anything. I need solid explanations, something that my pragmatic, common sense intellect can understand. The more exotic old religions and the new age approaches where more appealing to me. Some had answers that seemed to make sense, but only when applied to a small, separated area of life or one aspect of our infinite universe and it’s existence. They never gave the whole picture and actually where at odds with many of my remaining questions. One Guru would encourage to bring up all my disturbances and issues, but never truly resolving them. The next spiritual teacher would guide me into a meditation that brought me to be still within myself — at least for a while. But my life was still unfulfilled and my key question, as to why it is the way it is, would not be answered. The many methods of meditating, healing, trying to find enlightenment or higher purpose that where on offer brought me nothing more than fleeting distractions or the illusion of temporary peace. Nothing I tried, no matter how ernest and dedicated, could satisfy or at least touch on my deep inner search for something real and true — until I met Serge Benhayon.

The teachings and philosophy that Serge presents on a regular basis sound very different to anything I had heard so far, yet they feel very familiar. He uses some at first strange sounding explanations to make the workings of the universe understandable to our linear thinking minds, and I took some of it not so literally at first — until I understood all the details and the true meanings of the words. But everything he presented somehow felt true right from the start, it was like all the pieces were finally coming together. I loved it, I felt like coming home.

Serge knows and explains the universe, us and how everything works as being energy at it’s core. Just like Albert Einstein found out that everything is energy, Serge Benhayon went on to the next step. He understands how energy moves and works, and as everything is energy, everything that ever happens has an energetic cause. Here everything can be explained and makes sense. Most importantly, he clearly explains the difference between Soul and spirit and how we came to be what we are today. Energetic awareness, responsibility and integrity is a universal science that everybody can understand. The best part of this science is that it is so practical and can be applied to every situation or issue in our daily life, at the same time encompassing all that exists and everything that can ever happen.

This extraordinary ordinary man makes sense. He can talk on any subject from this energetic perspective and shine a light on it, that enables everybody who listens to see a deeper truth and with that have the possibility to change, heal and grow. Whether he delivers this wisdom and truth in a presentation, a personal conversation or an interview, it is always unrehearsed and unscripted. This wisdom and knowledge comes from a source that lays deep within the heart of every man, woman and child. It is a living wisdom, also called the Ageless Wisdom, that is felt and known in our innermost and everybody can have access to that. But to really get it, we have to apply the science of energetic awareness to ourselves and live it. Then our awareness keeps unfolding within us as a living wisdom and a truth that is undeniable because it is felt with every particle of the body.

Serge Benhayon himself is living this science 24/7, it can be seen in his movements, felt in his presence and heard in his presentations, and he shares this inner richness and wisdom with everybody equally. That way he inspires thousands of people.

Today I’m in a place where all my questions have been answered, except the last one, ‘when did it all begin and when will it end?’ But that is not relevant any more. I accept that there are dimensions that our current human awareness just cannot understand, like time and infinity. But we can feel and know that there is more. Through living as best as I can, according to what I have recognized to be true from the teachings and philosophy that Serge is presenting, I have found access to a vast and glorious universe inside of me. It is made of pure love, harmony, joy and stillness — something that I call the quality of my innermost essence. This is the pathway to my Soul and to God, and it just gets bigger and better. If this has no beginning or end, I have no problems with that at all.