Are you tired of seeing plastic packaging on everything you buy? Are you already doing your part, but wish produce suppliers would try harder, too? If they aren’t making the right changes on their own, here’s how we can show them. By choosing alternatives to plastic-encased goods that are better for us and our planet.

Like many of us, you’ve probably already reduced your use of plastic in the most obvious ways, like reusing grocery bags. Thank you — you’ve made a huge difference in the world!

In fact, a new study conducted under the authority of the Ministry of…

By Regina | April 14, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered: “How can I add downloadable, printable PDFs to my website?” At the bottom of this article, you’ll find an easy how-to video showing that. But first, you’ll need to know how to convert Word docs to PDFs, while keeping the clickable URL links LIVE.

Why are those hyperlinks so important? Because linking to reputable sources adds credibility to every article you write. Without that, it’s merely opinion. And in these days of “Fake News”, we all know what people think about opinions.

Kudos to the lovely Lise Cartwright for explaining how Google Docs allows this free-of-charge…

The Rise and Fall of Modern-Day Slave Labor

How the new US ban affects us all.

Cocoa Plantation. Photo: International Labour Rights Forum

February 25, 2016

Yesterday, a law was passed banning slave labor imports into the US.

Yet, for several decades, these goods were considered legal as long as “consumptive demand” remained high.

Despite documented abuses, it did. Why?

Some would say shrinking income created a need for cheap goods — and unregulated businesses merely satisfied it. Thankfully, no more.

Through shared media, atrocities of human trafficking are now exposed. We see where our tech products come from. We see how chocolate and seafood industries sell…

What we can learn from the dolphin debacle.

Argentina — Rare La Plata dolphin dies at the hands of beachgoers.

Last week, horrific photos circulated the web. You likely saw them: hordes of beachgoers manhandling a vulnerable La Plata dolphin, parading it in the heat where it quickly dehydrated and died.

Later, claims were made that it was already dead, washed ashore with many other corpses. Why then, you might ask, was everyone clamoring to pet this one? This video of it still moving should answer that.

Details aside, the photos struck a chord — perhaps due to a similar story, still fresh in our minds, and the recent rise in mass…

Regina Tuzzolino

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