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 admit it, I am addicted to meditating as many hours as possible

Instead of medicating, smoking, rereading OUTLANDER, or creating

 phone greetings “chaos is creeping in our country” and “I donate


the mother fucker already. I spend hours  of my retirement  in my

 condo community inhaling polluted air, then exhaling, scanning

 my body for tension points, contemplating why  the power in the

 tower wants us to suffer with less health care, fewer benefits, higher

 premiums, higher deductibles.  Each day a new order curtails

our human rights  A Monopoly world where here one  draws Â

GO TO JAIL, but not GET OUT Â OF JAIL. More prisons to be

 constructed and his wall will be built with funds saved by cutting

health care. The Bible according to the Master Babbler who never

 read a book nor policy papers ever.

With all these directives assaulting my brain, I discovered INSIGHT

TIMER, a site with 4000 guided meditations to calm the mind.

No opioids. No Xanax. No  Qualudes dispensed by the doctors when

  my first spouse died. Vortex on YOU TUBE, hour of selections

vibrating in my ears, hypnotic, subliminal.

Yet when the mean man of mixed metaphors is more of a menace,

Maybe I must meditate on the commode. Rely on this, I mutter,

None of us get out of here alive.                                     Â