When Nothing Goes Right

Regina-Lee Dowden (Writer)

Go left? No. Just stop. For a little while. I’m tired of seeing and hearing that it’s not okay to quit and that if I’m going through hell I should keep going until I get through. Can I just please stop and take a break?

It’s still only the beginning of January and the past week have been… sad to say, shit? Well not complete shit I mean the year has actually started off amazing. Hell, I just wrote an article on how to make 2019 better and I’ve been following my own advice. And it has been working. Adverse circumstances however, do not just vanish. Things happen. Imagine starting off the year with a lovely glass of wine, good company, good vibes, fireworks; you’re ready to take the first step into new goals, new outlook on life with a hunger for a bigger and better you. Then, you lost your wallet, you hit your car, your phone falls and your screen completely shatters, your boss goes off about something stupid when you were having the most amazing week. Like, what. The. Hell. It’s literally a brand new year and you already need a vacation. You’re done with people. Life is attacking you. Nothing is going right.

Just stop. It’s fine. This is not a race and even if it is a race it is not one designed for the runners to keep moving non-stop. You’ll run out of breath and die if you do so. Life only ends at death. It doesn’t end if you take a rest. You need to rest. When things are not going right sometimes that is not an indicator to keep pushing, it is an inkling to halt and reset. The things that happen to you are frankly never in your control. You can avoid accidents and altogether be more careful and alert but that does not cancel out the unfortunate things that will still happen. What you can do is deal with it. And I don’t mean for that to sound harsh but it is all you can do. Not dealing with it would mean that you have given up and you just don’t care about anything anymore. If you’ve gotten to that point, please, talk to someone.

Take the vacation. You will eventually fix your car and fix your phone. Your frustrations will follow you until things are better but you don’t want to fall into a dangerous pit of depression because you feel like you can’t catch a break. That is the worst. You know that habit of unplugging things for a few minutes so that they work again. Try that with yourself. Take a couple minutes, a couple days even a few weeks. Regroup, go ghost and try life again. A bonus easy fix for me is usually a beer or two. Works wonders.