Day 16 | We’ve all been in the trenches

So this series started because my friend suggested to do it together, she has failed to stick through, so now I will try to do this 100+ words / day thing for just 20 days. After Day 20, I will move on to longer but more meaningful and deeper content.

I have always been very keen on asking for advice. When I was in school I asked a lot of entrepreneurs and business people around me who were more seasoned and experienced, and for the past two months I have been buying the CEOS in Boston a lot of coffee, or setting up meetings in their offices, mostly for general advice, warming up to the startup community, and just trying to understand more what the job really entails.

As a result, I have gotten great advice and help from a group of really generous CEOs who are each in their respective points of their career, from post-exit, to just raised pre-seed, to bootstrapped business owner, to something in between. One thing they have been telling me, over and over, is: It’s never easy. And you will always have something to be stressed about. Previously I had always been waiting for the magical moment that the current problems would be solved. However, the conversions have made me realized: There is no magic remedy. And the problems of today only grow bigger tomorrow if not solved today.

So I’m gonna go back to work now.

See you tomorrow.



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