Code Up Your Life

Anyone introducing the concept of coding computers is automatic assumption they must be extraordinary talented. A gem in the rough, one of a kind! Someone who has years of study and experience of coding. However, due to the computer programing learning site Code Academy, it teaches us anyone can gain the habit of coding! And here’s my expereince.

And it’s beautiful Patrick

I have limited experience with coding. I’ve tried youtube sources (but they didnt help much, actually made it confusing), so I opted during the summer to take classes at Red Acedemy. I took the first trial course and after that I came out slightly more confident but surely not enough to develop my own site. However, the usage of Code Acedemy surely makes the whole experience easier.

The logo, if anyone is confused.

Wait, what I taking about again? Right, my experience! So, with Code Academy I started with the HTML starter lesson, which opened with a tutorial. After a lengthy discussion, it takes you to a page where you can practice your newly gained skills.

How I thought I would be with coding

It started of easy enough, just repeating the process I’ve just seen. But getting to the third and forth parts of the lesson made me have to go back to the video! I forgot certain parts and became partially frustrated why something wasn’t working. After a trial through of tries, then you are tested to see if you know certain questions.

first part
second part

Finally, after finishing the first lesson, i have to admit: it’s very informative. It’s a wonderful tool I recommend anyone to use if they so desire to code. Guarantee whoever uses this will gain valuable knowledge in the world of coding.

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