In the deep of the sea of his mind, lived the man. Sometimes yes, ceased to exist as free will, although it could, such were the barriers he hesitated in trying to overcome.

Could barely breathe, the man in his head, the monster had taken over, the monster was an expert in arrest him there, in the back of his mind. “No,” he shouted, “help me!”. No one heard, the voice not even had left his mouth, it echoed in the mind, unable to vibrate the outdoors, remained imprisoned.

“I’m leaving, someone will help you, I can’t stand it anymore!” screamed the whole universe around the man who picked up the darkest corner of his mind. Not remember the exact time it was trapped and that somehow kept him there without expectation of escape, not even tried, the monster had taken the throne and reigned entire length of the man. “Look at you, weak, contemptible, did not even try.” Shrugged the man, therefore, the voice had become more powerful than it really was.

The man, after some time to whine, decided to dethrone the monster. As predicted, it was a hard way to go. Crawling, he heard throughout the universe screaming again: ‘You have no ambition! You are weak! Don’t deserve to inhabit me!

Now he saw the sea was only a part, there was dense and dark forests to be traveled, but his steps were lighter and a breeze was already hitting his face. Persevered, he didn’t want to go back to his prison in the dark corner of the mind. Sometimes he was exhausted, afraid not to have made the right choice, the dark corner was so welcoming, he was always there when needed, unlike the universe of voices that promised him things to steal his hope.

The moment he ended up crossing the forest, which wasn’t so dense and obscure as he had imagined, he saw the back of the throne in the clear valley. He advanced to the throne, willing to lose his life in the duel. But in the moment he jumped before the throne, his eyes could not believe what they saw, the monster was a tiny mouse that began to run when he saw him, the monster that had plagued him all this time, that stole his mind, it was a mouse.

Sitting on the throne of his mind, the man now saw everything clearly, the universe was much larger than the voices he had heard yelling, not nearly that was the universe in its vast expanse.

Now, crowned king of his mind, the man refused to be overthrown by any shadow of a mouse that seems monster.

Life smiled back at him.

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