Lovett or Leave It
Crooked Team

For fuck’s sake, Lovett, ease up on the Boomers. some of us are with you on this. We listen, we subscribe, we believe, we even own a Repeal and go f**k yourselves shirt. I just turned 65. I spent the years between 58 and now sweating our insurance. We were paying $24,000 a year plus a $2400 deductible. Thank god for pensions and a group policy that we managed to cling to. Most of all thank goodness for Social Security. It is like reaching the Promised Land. I don’t know what the future holds, but if we end up in a home, after we have done the spend down and are broke we may end up with Medicaid in order to stay. Now we have that anxiety. It is sad but true that if I were forced to leave a nursing home because there is no Medicaid I would have to quite literally kill myself as I could never ask my kids to care for me. I doubt that Mitch would care. — A Hardwired Democrat —

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