Top 5 Legal Requirements of a Registered Office for Your Company

If you are looking for an office for your newly built company, you must first know about some necessary requirements. You only need to have some basic knowledge of these requirements. Below mentioned are the top 5 legal requirements of a registered office for your company.

The registered office address must be able to receive letters and documents related to the company

The very first legal requirement is to manage a formal address for the company. This requirement is a must for all the companies registered in the United Kingdom. The address you provide will be used for regular communication. Different government organizations, such as HMRC, Tax authorities or companies house will contact you here. Important notices and remainders will be posted at the given address. Registered offices of different companies are displayed on the register of Companies House and these are also accessible online.

One thing that you should consider is that you can’t use the P.O. Box number as the office address. It is necessary that you receive the documents and letters related to your company. It is also required to provide the address of Wales or England if the registration process of the company is not done in Scotland. On the other hand, the company must provide the address of Scotland if it is registered there.

The registered office address must be displayed on all official stationery and correspondence

It is the basic requirement that the address of the registered office must be displayed on all official stationery and correspondence. The name of the company should be displayed along the registered address. The act that came into existence in 2006 also made it compulsory to display the address on the official website of your company.

Any changes which are made to the registered address must be recorded at Companies House

If there are any changes that are made with the registered address, it must be informed to the Companies House. All you need to do is to fill a simple form that can be filled online or manually. In case you have filled it manually, you need to post it to the Companies House. It is necessary because it will ensure that the necessary documents are not being delivered to inaccurate address.

A company’s trading address does not have to be the same as their registered office address

One of the important requirements is that the trading address of the company must not be the address of their registered office. In such a situation, you must use the service provider as it is effective for the small scale business owners. People who trade directly from their houses must use service providers so that their sensitive details are not visible at the register of Company house because anybody can see all the details if he wants to.

A company’s trading address does not have to be the same as their registered office address

You must use a service provider because it will be very beneficial for you. It will save you from spam or similar stuff. You will be able to prevent junk mails and only relevant mails will be received by you. It is also necessary to ensure timely and accurate record management which will surely prevent you from penalties.

You must ensure that you are fulfilling all the legal requirements in order to stay away from serious mishaps and run your organization effectively. If you are unable to do so, there will be a lot of penalties coming your way.

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