Wellness App

This is the project of an application that focuses on the theme of physical wellness and its relationship with well-being in general.
This class exercise of the UX UI course at Ironhack school took me three days of class.

The Brief
“You will be proposing a new mobile app designed to support wellness. Based on user research, you’ll identify an opportunity for an app to improve people’s day-to-day lives.”

For my research I focused on the people I could reach through online research and the tools I used were the user usability research methodologies and their application in a low fidelity prototype on paper that is what we were asked to do for this homework.

First steps

When I start the project I start with the idea of an app that reminds you the benefits of physical health.
An app to collect your feelings after going to the gym or going for a walk, doing yoga, swimming, etc…
That connects physical health with emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and maybe environmental and occupational also…(here clearly my head went and I lost the north totally, wanting to cover all this does not make sense)

But then (aware that my mind was going too far) I decided to open my topic and redirect it through the results, I did not want a very closed topic or idea to influence the research process. But I was clear that I wanted to focus on physical wellness and its relationship with general well-being, that was clear to me.


I started asking myself a series of things:

·How do I reach these people?
I would do it through a digital interview.
·What information do I know already?
As a gym user I know that it is hard to perform a sports routine for many people and that it can be difficult to build relationships in the gym. Playing sports or having a healthy routine is easier with buddies.
·Who do I need to learn from?
From all kinds of people, since I want to know the connection between habits and sport.
·What do I need to learn?
If sport intervenes in the general welfare of people and their relationships and if not if they would need reminders or help to make relationships.

These are the issues that I had in mind when conducting the interview. I did the interview in English to try to cover the maximum possible audience. 
And I divided the interview in an intro, an ice-breaker part a prompt and a “goodbye” part.
I used this structure for my survey because I tried to empathize with the people I was interviewing in a close way. I wanted to get away from a cold and impersonal survey and I wanted the interviewees to be able to contribute what they wanted through their personal experiences feeling comfortable.

This is the link to the results of the survey.

I divided the results of the research into two large groups through an affinity diagram, the behaviors and feelings of my interviewees.
·A little more than half of the interviewees aren’t users of a gym or sport center.
·The mostly of them do some kind of sport or healthy habit/routine.
·They usually forget to play sports or have a moment to take a break in their routine.
·More than a half feel alone in their sports/healthy routines.
·They feel stressed when they don’t do sport.
·Mostly of them feels very well when they play sports or take a break for a healthy habit.
·When I ask why they feel alone in their sports routine I find two different profiles. Those who feel lonely because they don’t find friends with whom to do these routines and those who prefer to be alone.

After this investigation a create a “user persona” Elena


And finally after rethinking about the data collected and creating my person, I decided to focus on the problem to find partners to exercise or healthy routines and create an application.

This is the firts prototype

After iterate with users I saw a few problems that I solved through changes in the prototype:

·I removed the hamburger menu from the second screen.
·I reordered the categories of the sections.
·I renamed the “routines” section for “groups”.
·I eliminated the sent messages section in messages to transform in a chat.
·I added an “add” button in the personal user friend profile.

And finally this is my final version of the prototype in InVision


·I have learned that it is good to do an open investigation and then redirect the project depending on the results of the research.

·My idea at the beginning was different and I wanted to cover too many things, which I have been summarizing along the way to focus on a specific thing.

·I have learned that some of the options to my questions were not the most adequate and I have to improve my questions in the interviews without interfering with the users.

I hope you liked it, and as always: Thank you for reading me and for dedicating part of your time to know part of this adventure. A big hug reader!