Top 5 Indian CEO’s to follow on Twitter

Twitter is undoubtedly the most efficient way to stay on the top of the news. Real-time updates, great insights, and trolls that can crack you up — these are the primary reasons that make twitter my most loved social media network. Now, while the news channels are habitually fixated with celebrity tweets and the Twitterati trolling absurd tweets, twitter is a sea of intellectual perceptions provided by the members of the Indian entrepreneur club. Today, I will share with you a list of top five Indian entrepreneurs to follow on twitter. If you are interested in the business landscape of India, these are the people you need to follow without giving a second thought

Kunal Shah — Freecharge founder

Founder of India’s first online wallet, his twitter profile picture is a goofy cartoon picture of himself. He has an eye for detail and shares his astute observations with the Twitterati frequently

Faisal Farooqui — CEO,

One of India’s first digital entrepreneur, he always has some interesting insights up his sleeves. Technology trends being his forte, his tweets mostly revolve around them. Apart from technology, he also voices his opinions on public affairs. ‘Voice your opinions’ is one the taglines used by his company and his account is a perfect reflection of the company’s train of thought

Mahesh Murthy — Angel Investor
He might be an angel investor but his tweets are by no means angelic. Insanely prolific, he talks about almost and everything under the sun. Be it a political debate or some startup news, he always has a bold opinion and never shies away from sharing them with the world.

Sachin Bansal — Flipkart founder

Apart from retweeting some great articles, there is one thing which Sachin Bansal routinely does on twitter — He is always taking digs at other people and pissing them off. If you are one of those is a fan of sarcastic banter, he is the guy you need to follow

Anand Shah — Mahindra group chairman

The chairman of one of India’s biggest and most influential business group, Anand was one of the early business leaders to grace the twitter world with his presence. An active commentator on business and economy related aspects, he also leverages his account to get consumer feedback and deliver redressal